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    Gentle Overnight Skincare Routine with Retinol

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    Skincare is no doubt one of my favorite things. It is relaxing and my skin always feels amazing after this simple act of self care. At only 22 I’ve learned that it is important to start looking into anti-aging products or products with similar benefits. It is never too early to make sure your skin looks it’s best years from now!

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    How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized During Winter

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    When the weather gets colder even the oiliest of skin can begin to dry out. I am very picky with the items I use to moisturize my skin, especially my face. Usually I use argan oil because it does the trick and is super lightweight but it doesn’t provide moisture for long periods of time if you have dry skin. Have you ever heard that you should change your skincare routine with the seasons? I have once or twice and it is something I live by. My skin is extremely moody so one day it may be oily and the next feel like sandpaper in spots. Kinda exaggerating but trust me it gets dry. Once it gets to a certain temperature argan oil just doesn’t work for me and I need an actual moisturizer.