You’re It, A Rom-Com that Finally Gets Mental Health

I am a sucker for a book that is impossible to put down! You’re It by Cleo White is a breath of fresh air! Buckle up for a hilarious Rom-Com with characters you’ll instantly connect with. This gem goes beyond witty banter (although there’s plenty of that!), tackling mental health with refreshing authenticity. Prepare to laugh, cry, and cheer alongside these endearing characters as they navigate love and life’s challenges. Oh, and did I mention there is laser tag?!

A Hilarious Rom-Com with Heart

Cleo’s writing style is witty and engaging, and I found myself dying of laughter within the first chapter, actually within the first 2 pages… iykyk. You’re It is a lighthearted read, but that doesn’t mean it lacks depth.

Mental Health Representation Done Right

The way Cleo depicts mental health struggles throughout the story feels genuine and relatable. The characters grapple with their own issues, and their journeys made me feel seen and less alone in my own. It’s refreshing to see such authentic representation in a romance novel! (Representation includes OCD, ADHD, Neurodivergent) As someone who battles with mental health daily, You’re It offered a rare kind of validation. I kept finding myself rushing to share passages with my husband – Cleo’s words expressed what I often feel but struggle to articulate.

Savvy and Dar: A Couple to Root For

Savvy and Dar are a fantastic couple! They’re both well-developed characters with their own vulnerabilities and strengths. They felt real and relatable. Their romance unfolds organically, and their dynamic is truly captivating. Plus, bonus points for Savvy’s awesome pink hair! (It was great to read a book about someone with my type of style, cause you don’t see that often!)

A Fast-Paced Escape

You’re It is a total page-turner. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I raced through the story, eager to see what happened next to these endearing characters.

A Must-Read for Feel-Good Feels

While I’m a little bummed to be finished, I know this will be a book I revisit again and again. It’s a delightful escape that offers both humor and heartwarming moments. If you’re looking for a feel-good read with mental health representation, romance, and comedy look no further than You’re It!

Be sure to check out You’re It when it releases on April 18th!

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