Must-Read Fantasy Romance: Exploring J.E. Reed’s “The Divine and The Cursed”

Looking for a captivating fantasy romance to devour?

Look no further than The Divine and The Cursed by J.E. Reed! I stumbled upon this gem during a “Stuff Your Kindle” sale (perfect for fantasy fans!), and let’s just say I went a little overboard (who can resist a good deal?). While my TBR pile was already overflowing, a recent read that left me wanting more fantasy/romance prompted me to dive back in.

Stuck in indecision (typical me!), I enlisted my husband’s help to choose from a selection of covers. The Divine and The Cursed emerged victorious, and let me tell you, it was a fantastic choice!

This first book in the Fae of Alastriona series throws you into a world of rival fae nations, where even the most wounded souls can find love and redemption.

All covers of the Divine and The Cursed by J.E. Reed

I dove into this fantasy romance completely blind, and it blew me away!

As a fan of Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses, I never thought another series could match it. But The Divine and The Cursed quickly became a new favorite. What truly sets it apart is the focus on the male protagonist’s mental health, a topic often overlooked in fantasy romance. While the heroine has her own struggles, their shared journey of healing is beautifully portrayed.

Prepare to have your heart melt for “The Demon.”

This seemingly ruthless character’s vulnerability shines through, making you want to protect him from past and future harm. J.E. Reed masterfully crafts a world brimming with magic, while character development reaches epic proportions.

Calling all fans of enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance!

The Divine and The Cursed is a must-read. Download it on Kindle Unlimited or grab a signed copy from J.E. Reed’s Etsy shop! Book 2, The Revered and The Pariah, awaits your post-reading binge. For more series updates, including a prequel all about the male lead, follow J.E. Reed on Instagram!

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