3 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

This post is sponsored by VIIcode. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone

Taking time for yourself is so important when you want to be your best self. When it comes to self-care everyone is different. If you are a busy person or a mom like myself you may not have all the alone time in the world but that is no excuse to not practice self-care. Today, I am sharing 3 simple ways you can practice self-care in your life no matter how busy you are.

Find a skincare routine you love

The simplest way you can daily practice self-care is by finding a skincare routine to stick to. I know I feel at my best when I have skin that looks and feels amazing! Right now, I am loving the PIXI Glow Tonic skincare line! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and I can use the products in the morning and at night.

Dress up every now and then…. even if you are just going to be watching Netflix

When it comes to self-care one of my favorite things is to get all dolled up even if I have no plans. There is just something about throwing on a full face of makeup that makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Getting dressed up for me doesn’t really mean dress and heel but more so jeans and a cute crop top with a face full of makeup! 

When I get dolled up my makeup speaks for itself. I choose colors and products that I know will make me feel fierce and like a QUEEEEN!

Practice self-care at night

As a mom this is by far the easiest one for me. I make sure each week to take some time for myself. These are the nights I make my favorite food, have some chocolate, and throw on a face mask while watching Netflix.

My favorite way to end self-care nights are with the VIICode Oxygen Eye Mask! The VIICode Oxygen Eye Mask is designed for overnight or up to 8 hours of wear. Lately, I have been using their Oxygen Eye Mask that is specifically for dark circles. This eye mask works overnight… or whenever you wear it.. to increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, as well as, boost oxygen intake to help fight against wrinkles and over pigmentation all while giving you the plump and smooth skin you desire!  

Not only does VIICode have eye masks but they also have an eye cream and eye spray. I have yet to try the eye cream but I have fallen in love with the eye spray. It is definitely leaves you feeling refreshed.

As I said at the beginning self-care is different for everyone. These are just a few simple ways that I practice self-care. What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care? Let me know below and be sure to share this with your friends!