From Pups To Powerhouses

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As most of you know my pets play a huge part in my life. I have showcased Sora multiple times on here and now it is time that the dogs get the spotlight! Donut and Oz went from pups to powerhouses in the few years that we have owned them, each growing up in their special way. 

Donut may have grown in size but his personality is still puppy-like. Being playful and gentle is what makes him unique to our family. He is literally our gentle giant and Joshua’s best friend. I have never seen a dog take to a toddler so well, it’s like he was born to be around kids. 

Oz on the other hand is the smaller of the two but the most protective. Oz has lived up to his name from day one, being great and powerful. Oz is not afraid to take charge… unless Sora is around. If I had to describe Oz in one word it would be BOMBASTIC! 

These two may have totally different personalities but they have shared a love for Purina since day one. We choose Purina® ONE® for many reasons but the biggest reason is this product is dedicated to the potential of your pet, from puppy-hood through adulthood.

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Purina® ONE® Smartblend Sensitive Systems Formula!

Our favorite blend of food for our dogs is, Purina® ONE® Smartblend Sensitive Systems Formula. The reason we choose this specific blend is because it is easy on Oz’s stomach and Donut can eat it too. 

With over 85 years of research, pets are Purina’s passion and I think that is important. In my experience, if you are passionate about something you will create something amazing. Alongside passion, Purina is exceeding in safety standards and committed to making quality products for your pets! Purina has over 500 scientists worldwide that are dedicated to creating the best products. You can read more about what drives them at

Shopping for dog food is easy, especially when you buy it at Target! One bag of dog food quickly turns into new collars, toys, sometimes even clothes for the pets, and obviously a bunch of other stuff they don’t need… but that’s the joy of shopping at Target isn’t it? 

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