Healthy & Fun Snack With Nesquik

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Snack time is honestly Joshua’s favorite time of day! He loves to eat. If we let him, he would probably eat ALL day. That being said I love the opportunity to include Joshua in snack time preparation. Today I am going to be sharing Joshua’s favorite snack that we make with NESQUIK Powder. It is easy to make and you can even make a game out of it.

Joshua always likes to spend time in the kitchen, especially if he knows I am making food. Once I realized that there was almost no keeping him out of the kitchen, I decided that it was time to get him involved in snack time!

What you need to create these delicious skyscrapers are:

1. Graham Crackers
2. Fresh Fruit (Bananas & Strawberries were our choice)
3. 8oz Pack of Cream Cheese
4. NESQUIK Strawberry or Chocolate Powder

I initially prepared things for his help while he was watching shows. I sliced the fruit and mixed the frosting. To create the frosting you mix 3/4 cup of NESQUIK Powder with the 8oz of cream cheese at room temperature. Once all that is done it’s time to get the little ones involved! 

The rest is simple. Frost your base cookie on one side and let your little one stack some fruit. From there you frost both sides of the graham crackers so they stick to the fruit below and then stack the opposite fruit on top of that cracker. Repeat until you decide to stop or it falls over! 

Warning: More fruit may end up in your toddlers mouth than on the snack but hey that’s the fun of it all! Do you like involving your little ones in Snack Time shenanigans? Our high score is stacking our crackers 8 high! Can you make it higher?