A Classic Handbag For Everyday Use

Joshua is going to be leaving diapers behind soon so let’s talk PURSES! Last time that I shared a purse on the blog I had found the perfect “mom purse”. A purse that fit all of my needs and the needs of my child, but as he has gotten older the purse has become more and more empty. Soon I won’t even need to carry diapers in it. That being said it became time for me to find a purse that was more me, myself, and I because that will soon be the only person using it. 

As most of you know I don’t care if it is designer or whatever, it just needs to fit my personality and be something I could carry year round. Bethany at Hubba Hubba Handbags created just that. Hubba Hubba Handbags is owned by the lovely Bethany and she makes bags of all sizes and design. Her bags feature unique fabrics and plenty of character.

Once I chose the style I wanted for my bag I let Bethany work her magic and now I have a bag that I have fallen in love with and is unique to me. From the simplicity of the black vinyl to the rainbow hardware the design of my personal Aster bag already screamed “HEY THIS IS JENNY’S BAG” but once I opened the bag and saw the lining I was beyond happy. 

For those of you who don’t know I am a part of many different fandoms. The top three are Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Supernatural. To my husband’s Twitch audience I am known as Sith so when I saw the Star Wars lining my heart was set on this purse. 

Bethany and her family were one of the many families that we drastically affected by the Paradise fire at the end of 2018. Being a part of that caused Bethany to take a break from creating her beautiful purses but she is back at it and constantly updating her facebook group with new purses that she has created. Hubba Hubba Handbags is thriving and I couldn’t be happier.

This purse is one of the many designs that she can create and will have available to purchase! If you need something bigger or something smaller Bethany’s got you! 

Are you a purse carrier? Do you have one that you absolutely fell in love with? Let me know in the comments and be sure to join Hubba Hubba Handbags on Facebook or follow along on Instagram to see what is available and possibly find your dream bag!