How To Color Easter Eggs With a Toddler

Easter is right around the corner. Like literally only a few days away. That being said I know many families out there probably want the fun and memories of coloring Easter eggs with their little ones. To be honest I was dreading it this year. We just moved and I wasn’t ready for the mess I knew it would bring but we did it anyways.

This year was Joshua’s first time coloring Easter eggs and it was honestly a blast. We colored over a dozen eggs in total and he enjoyed every minute of it. 

How did I not have a Easter colored toddler at the end of the day? One simple tool saved my life. A whisk… well two whisks. All you do is slide the egg in between the wires and your toddler is good to go! I recommend having two or more whisks so that if your toddler is impatient they can have multiple going at a time.

That being said Joshua did want to ditch the whisk when he saw me making rainbow eggs and that was honestly where the mess began. Ooops.

Did you dye eggs this year? Are you planning to? Share this awesome hack with your friends who may need it  in their life!