A Box With Purpose

This post is sponsored by My Silk Rewards. All content and opinions are my own. 

I love sub boxes… but you already knew that. Today I will be reviewing the Purpose Stash Box. A box to inspire Christian women and help them grow in their walks with Christ. As a youth pastor I love finding new tools to use to teach and to grow in my personal walk with Christ so when I heard about this box I was beyond excited. 

Due to the move I actually have two boxes from Purpose Stash to share with you, so here is #1

Each Purpose Stash box has a specific theme. The first box I will be sharing with you honestly had one of my favorite themes. The theme was Love and purpose.

Each box features a book, some inspiring jewelry, scent melts and bath goodies to pamper the buyer. Who doesn’t love reading a good book in the bath while using some fun scented bath bombs? I know I talk to God most when I am in the shower. No joke, the amount of times Joe walks into the bathroom to ask who I am talking to is… A LOT. 

The book I received in my first box was Yes, I Am Enough by Tanya White. As a mom, an influencer, and a pastor I often deal with the questions, Am I good enough? This book has helped me see God’s truths in my life and has helped show me that God loves me exactly where and but He will also love me as I grow into the mom, influencer, and pastor that He has called me to become.

The bath goodies and scents for this box featured sweet decadent mixes of vanilla and chocolate and included a bracelet with 1 Corinthians 13:1-10, what is commonly known as the love chapter. 

My overall thoughts on my first box from Purpose Stash are that this is a box that Christian women should look into purchasing if they want to have a self care night and fun resources to use to grow in their relationship with Christ. A monthly subscription to Purpose Stash is less that $50 a month and the impact will last a lifetime. If the price of the monthly box is too much then you can purchase a preview box for $29.99 and still receive something that will change your life! There are also other subscription plans available on PurposeStash.com! Use the code BROCK to get 30% any Monthly subscription or higher (code not eligible for preview boxes).

What are your favorite resources to grow in your relationship with Christ?