The Perfect Dessert Date Night

Whether you celebrate Valentines or Galentines it is essential to have your date night planned out. Movies will be packed as well as most restaurants but if you live for the late night dates like myself then dessert dates are right up your alley. Joe and I often have dates where we go out late at night and load up on dessert and when we do that we go to Razzoo’s. 

Razzoo’s, which is most known for its amazing cajun food and their fishbowls actually has an amazing dessert menu that will make you want to send all the heart eye emojis. 

Joe and I have had 2 of the three desserts offered at Razzoo’s and keep going back because they are so out of this world! Each dessert is $6.49 so we usually order 2 to make our night extra sweet. 

The first dessert they have is the one that Joe and I actually have not had the opportunity to taste… well we have had the chance to order it but I am just so obsessed with the other options that I just stick with what I know. First on the menu is the Luziana Bread Pudding. This dessert is make fresh daily with peaches, pecans and crusty French Bread, as well as served with dark rum sauce.

Next on the menu is the Crescent City Mud Sundae! This dessert is a giant WARM (emphasis on the warm) brownie that is topped with melted marshmallows, nuts, ice cream, and of course whipped topping and chocolate sauce. The Mud Sundae might sound like your average brownie sundae but honey let me tell you this brownie sundae is so much better than your average brownie sundae. The blend of all the different flavors and warmth of the brownie honestly makes your taste buds sing!

Their third and final dessert is one that I wanted to try since I first saw it on the menu and is by far my FAVORITE dessert that Razzoo’s has to offer. The Zydeco Dancer. The Zydeco Dancer, features layers of delicious creamy cheesecake and fresh strawberries on a pecan graham cracker crust. This dessert is served in an over sized wine glass and let me tell you… I wish they served this thing in a fishbowl because I would eat all of it. 

I am definitely not a huge cheesecake fan but this dessert leaves me feeling satisfied after every bite. The crust is so unique with the sweetness of the graham crackers and savoriness of the pecans that you will be obsessed from the first bite. 

So whether you are having a night out with the girls or a special evening with the hubby Razzoo’s has your sweet tooth covered. If you are in Lubbock, I highly recommend this restaurant and all it has to offer. Each time we have dined there we have received phenomenal service and have fallen in love with something new each time!

What is your favorite kind of date night? Have you tried Razzoo’s yet, if not then you should make a plan to have a dessert date sometime soon?