The Brock Life Update | November 2018

Oh, November. My favorite month of the year, but I think I am a little biased. This month was full of family and fun. From birthday shenanigans to Thanksgiving feasts, November was a blast. This life update will be talking about all the fun we had as well as the obvious health update.

Since there is a lot of fun to be shared I will be sharing a small bit about my health first. This month I received my second depo pravera shot. We have learned that as the three months comes to a close I start to show the symptoms that the medicine is masking and acting as a band-aid for. Not fun, but I am just thankful for the almost three months of relief that I receive from this medicine! Because this month has been non-stop I have no really noticed much help from the meds. My pain has been pretty intense again, so here is to hoping that it kicks in during December.

This month I turned 21. No, I didn’t go party. Instead I went out for a nice meal with my grandma and then went to the movies with my husband. We saw Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes Of Grindelwald because I am the biggest Harry Potter fan!!! Oh, and I got a DELISH ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins! Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and strawberry icecream!

Thanksgiving was a blast. My grandma was here and Joshua became obsessed with his Memaw. Now that she has gone home he is always asking where she is. We had a huge turkey feast. I made a delicious potato casserole that I learned how to make from a good friend, and we are still stuffing our faces with leftovers! But, hey, pie can’t go to waste!

Black Friday was fun. We went out on Thursday evening so my husband could get his Spider-Man PS4 bundle from Kohl’s that came with $60 Kohl’s cash. My favorite steal  from Black Friday was the $30 bag of goodies from Bath & Body Works. It came with soooooo many scents that I am excited to try and actually haven’t smelt before! I suddenly became obsessed with Winter Candy Apple candles. A perfect scent for the winter! I also love the perfume that it came with, In The Stars. Definitely not overpowering but smells wonderful! 

December is going to be a busy month for us as the Holidays continue. I plan to push out some more gift guides for you as well as some fun holiday posts! Also, now that I have a charger for my phone I will be hopping on Insta-stories a lot more to chat with y’all and include y’all more in our daily life!

Lastly, You can purchase the shirt I am wearing in these photos from MattieAndMase.Com and use the code Jennifer15 to get 15% off. Because sometimes there is just not enough caffeine for this. 

How was your November? Do you have the Christmas bug now that Thanksgiving is out of the way? Did you go Black Friday shopping? Feel free to drop you favorite find in the comments below if you did! If you didn’t then feel free to leave an answer to any above question below!