Loved Pets Are Healthy Pets

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As animal lovers, it is only natural that we have a few pets. In case you aren’t aware our home is the home to two large dogs who are sweet as sugar and one beautiful cat that I have had for years. We love our pets and want to make sure they are healthy as can be, because the healthier they are the more they accept the love we have for them… and sometimes the easier we can love them. Sometimes, it takes reading Freshpet reviews and reviews of other brands that will tell you whether you’re making the right decisions for your pet. The more you research, the better!

It’s important to remember that love is expressed in several ways, and that means caring for all aspects of our pet’s health. Cynthia Maro elucidates the importance of dental care in dogs, while ensuring you help your dog get the right amount of exercise for their breed is key, too.

Digestive problems have been a problem for us across the board with our animals and at times it honestly made it hard to love on them because I didn’t even want to be near them. Their gas was TOXIC, and not in a good way like the Brittney Spears song. We found out that honestly the toxicity all boiled down to what we were feeding them and bad bacteria in their intestines. 

So, we switched up their food to something that has a Probiotic. Of course they still have their regular tasty treats every now and then. We have found that Purina Pro Plan® Savor® with Probiotics, for dogs and cats, has helped tremendously tame the bad bacteria in their systems at an affordable price. Only select Purina Pro Plan® Savor® formulas have probiotics in them, but they all have some great benefits so be sure to check the packaging to see which formulas include live probiotics.

It is super easy to find Purina Pro Plan® at my local PetSmart store because of the amount of products they carry from this line. They actually have half of an aisle dedicated to it. When we first purchased Purina Pro Plan® Savor® for our animals it took me forever to decide what additional Pro Plan® treats I wanted to get them because the selection was amazing. You know me, I couldn’t leave without treats because my pets deserve all the love… even though their back end could clear a room before we started them on this food.

Purina has over 500 scientists worldwide working to create the best formulas for your dogs and cats. With that many people working on creating the food we feed our animals, I trust that they create the formula not only with their knowledge but with love for the pets who will be eating it… but that may just be me. 

One of the things that I love about the Purina Pro Plan® Savor® is that they have 14 dry food formulas with live probiotics for dogs and 5 dry formulas with live probiotics for cats to help support their digestive health. Another great thing is if your animals don’t like the food or have a bad reaction to it Purina Pro Plan® Savor® has a 100% money back guarantee. See for full details on the money back guarantee.

If you need to add water or wet food to your Purina Pro Plan® Savor® that is totally fine. Those 500+ scientists I mentioned earlier have made sure to choose stable and robust probiotic so that adding things to the food will not harm or kill it. To be completely honest with you, I never realized the benefit of giving my pets a probiotic until they straight up needed one. I know the benefits for adults but never really took the time to look into it for my animals until things got toxic.

The specific probiotics in select formulas of Purina Pro Plan® Savor® are live microorganisms, that when consumed in adequate amounts benefit your pet’s health. These probiotics can have a positive impact on your pet’s digestive health by balancing the levels of bacteria in your pets intestines. Be sure to talk with your vet to see if a probiotic is right for your pet’s needs!!

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I titled this post Loved Pets are Healthy Pets because in my personal experience it can be hard to share the love when the pets are sick or, in my most recent case, have butt problems. Not only that, but it can hard for the pets to accept the love when they aren’t feeling well. The biggest way that my family has chosen to show love to our animals is by watching what they eat, so that instead of clearing the room they can run around the room and even cuddle with us whenever they’d like.

Have you ever needed to change up your pets food or even routine because of how it effected their health? Let me know below!