Razzoo’s Lubbock Soft Opening

This post has been a long time coming but because of my health I have not had a chance to write it until now. Joe and I had the privilege of going to Razzoo’s in Lubbock for the soft opening to try some amazing food. We had a blast. Honestly I think one of the most memorable things of that night was a lady, who I assume is a manager, came out to greet Joe and I and said she recognized me from my blog. As a blogger that is such an uplifting experience and was a huge highlight to our night.

So let’s talk food, atmosphere, and all that jazz!!! As we walked in to get our name on the list we were greeted at the door and given mardi gra beads that we decided to hang in our house after we got home. It was so much fun and really was a great way to enhance the Razzoo’s experience.. it completely added a different dynamic to our meal, plus if we had Joshua with us it would have given him something to play with while we waited!

Razzoo’s was PACKED. Joe and I had about a 40 minute wait and the best thing about the waiting was they actually send you a text with a link that tells you how much longer you have to wait… it was glorious to watch the minutes tick by instead of wondering how much longer we had and having to guestimate the wait time. (Guestimate Guess + Estimate) 

Once we were seated our server was ready to help with any questions we had. For the soft opening we were given a small selection of items we could order that included and appetizer and entre… sadly no dessert but definitely understandable. For the appetizer we ordered the Cajun Fondue with crawfish! Y’all I could eat this as a meal. It comes with Razzoo’s A-MA-ZING garlic bread. The menu describes this dish as, A choice! Shrimp, Crawfish, or Chicken in a creamy sauce with garlic toast for spreadin’. So to be completely honest with you I had never had crawfish before until that night and my. mind. was. blown! Razzoo’s definitely knows how to do crawfish fondue right!

Cajun Fondue- $9.39

Entree wise Joe and I both made sure we ordered something different from the choices we were given. Joe ordered the Blackened Catfish and absolutely fell in love with the dirty rice. The Blackened Catfish is heavily seasoned in Cajun spices and grilled at a raging 800 degrees, OUCH! All served over meuniere sauce with dirty rice, veggie d’ jour, and of course Razzoo’s A-MAZ-ING garlic bread. Joe is not a fish person he only eats fish at Razzoo’s because they know how to do it right. He absolutely loved his meal. However he did need our waitress to keep the drinks coming so that he had something to cool the spice.

Blackened Catfish– $11.99

I decided to order something Nathan recommended in my previous post, since it was an option. I ordered the Cajun Combo SkilletThis dish was so big I had so much left over… minus the garlic bread, that was the first to be devoured. This skillet has such a wide variety of flavors that it was hard to choose a favorite, but I have to say that my favorite part of this dish was the shrimp portion. I am not a fish eater at all so I definitely leapt straight out of my comfort zone for this meal. The Cajun Combo Skillet comes with Crawfish, Shrimp, and Sausage pairs with a side of Cajun seasoned corn and of course the A-MAZ-ING garlic bread.

Cajun Combo Skillet- $13.29

I was a little sad that we could only choose from a select amount of items because I was dying to try their pasta but at the same time I am happy that I was forced to branch out. We did not get a chance to try one of their desserts but we have no doubt that they have amazing desserts. Although Joe and I didn’t take Joshua to the soft opening I can’t wait to take him sometime soon so I can see the selection of their kid’s meals and of course try their pastas or Cajun Fried Steak.

Have you been to Razzoo’s before? Let me know your favorite menu item in comments!

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock