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Brock Life Update | September 2018

Happy Fall Y’all!!!!!

September is here and that means the return of fall! I am so ready for the weather to get cooler so I can pull out my sweaters and dress Joshua in some cute fall clothes. This month’s life update is going to be pretty small compared to the last one but sometimes we don’t do much that is blog worthy.

I guess first I will start with a health update because why not? My health has improved quite a bit when you compare how I am doing now to how I was doing before but I am still struggling. Because the main problem we were running into was the fact that I was severely anemic my doctor took me off of the birth control pill that was doing absolutely nothing and put me on Depo Pravera. I was given the choice between Nexplannon and the Depo shot and honestly I didn’t want either. If I am being honest I had to choose the lesser of the two evils because I really had no choice and although I’ve heard bad things about Depo I have heard even worse things about Nexplannon. The doctor won’t preform a hysterectomy on me until we pinpoint that my uterus is the problem and until my blood count is up. Joe and I know that my uterus is the problem… the bleeding is a uterus problem and most pain stems from there among other problems we’ve noticed that point out that THIS IS A UTERUS PROBLEM. I decided to give the depo shot until February and in February my blood count should be high enough for us to say that this is enough and we want a hysterectomy. The only side affects I have noticed are acne, exhaustion, and terrible changes in my mood.

Next on the September update I want to talk about the blog!!!!! As you have noticed I have begun posting to instagram (be sure to follow if you aren’t already!) as well as posting to the blog every now and then. In October I want to produce more content for you and would love your input on what you would like to see! Do you want fall recipes? What about fall fashion posts and beauty looks? Please let me know your ideas even if it means going to target and blogging about all their amazing fall things…. I’ll drag my sis in law with me for that, Sorry Katie!

I guess for September that is it! How has your September been?! Are you as excited for fall as I am? Drop your ideas for content down below so I know what you want to see this season!

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock