Brock Life Update | August 2018

Hey Y’all! Each month I am going to be attempting to write a Brock Life Update for all y’all. My goal with these posts are to keep you in the know with what is going on with Joshua, my health, and just what’s what in the Brock life! Last month was so crazy between doctors appointments, a trip to the final Vans Warped Tour, and my surgery so I figured I would get you all caught up in the August update.

I’m going to be starting with all the light and airy stuff and then hit you with how my surgery went as well as how my health is doing. So first on the good news side of things in July, Joe and I got to attend a date of the final Vans Warped Tour. Yes, I spent most of the day sitting in the amphitheater in debilitating pain and yes, we had to leave before the one band I wanted to see cough, State Champs, cough, BUT I had fun despite my health problems. It rained most of the day so it wasn’t too hot and the rain actually helped revamp my low energy for a bit. Joe and I each got some pretty great merch, and Joe got to see so many great bands that he loved.

Second on the great news side of things Joe began streaming on Twitch. It has been a dream of his for years and he has finally been able to begin working at it. He streams really any kind of video game. Mostly PubG or puzzle games… or minecraft. He has already reached affiliate which is awesome and means people can sub to him. Subs on Twitch are different than Youtube in the sense that you pay for twitch subs to help support the streamer! You can also get free subs by linking your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account… It doesn’t cost you a thing but Amazon pays the streamer when you do this. Joe has already made almost $20 between subs and donations which helps out so much. As a parent that $20 equals a thing of diapers since I am unable to potty train Joshua… but that *crap* is a totally different subject matter for a totally different post. So definitely check out if you like to watch people game!

Lastly on that side of things, I got to go to Razzoo’s and give my Lubbock readers/followers an inside look at the restaurant before it opens next week. Joe and I are so ready for Razzoo’s to open because it will be one of our go to date night locations! We are so excited to be invited to the soft opening, that will be a great ending to day with a complicated start.

Now onto the rough topic… my health. If you are just joining The Brock Blog or if you haven’t read my last life update, I highly recommend that you go read it before reading this next bit or else you might be very confused. Click Here to read June Life Update. So on July 30 I had my laparascopy and hysteroscopy. The goal of those procedures were to look for polyps (which they thought I had because of the ultrasound), endometriosis, and other problems. Once they got in there they did not find the things they were looking for, BUT they did find a cobblestone texture on the outside of my uterus which indicates that I have adenomyosis. My mom and I have thought for a while now that I had adeno but there is really no way to confirm it. (Unless you get a hysterectomy and have your uterus biopsied.) We were actually surprised when we were told that I had adeno because at my pre-op my OB/GYN told Joe and I that if I had adeno he would not be able find anything that leads to it during the procedures. That is where God showed himself real to me. My prayer the entire time leading to the procedure was that they would not find anything like endo but if I had adeno that something would indicate it.

All that being said my post op appointment is on Friday and we will know more about what to expect these next few months. My OB/GYN will be giving us the options we can take to band-aid the problem, but to be completely honest we no longer want to deal with band-aids… we just want me to be better and done with all of this mess. As Friday quickly approaches Joe and I ask that you pray for us as we go into this appointment. We will be going into this appointment positive that I want a hysterectomy and we are willing to fight for it. Please be praying that the doctor is willing to hear us out. I am only 20 so we expect it to be hard to get but we know with God things can run smoothly. My health has gotten to the point that I am in 24/7 pain and can barely cook dinner without crying. The pain is causing me not to sleep (heck I am writing this at almost 9am and only got 10ish minutes of sleep last night). It has also caused me not be able to do any of the things I could do 6 months ago, so it needs to be dealt with and sadly the only way to completely get rid of adenomyosis is a hysterectomy. Joe and I know that after this procedure I will not be able to get pregnant again, but we are at peace with that and we are planning to adopt.

Thank you for sticking with us on this journey and thank you for your prayers. Our constant prayer is for a miracle. We don’t know what that miracle looks like, to be honest we are open to whatever God is going to give us. It could be anything from my doctor and insurance ok-ing a hysterectomy with no fight, full and complete healing, or even someone providing us with the fund for the hysterectomy because we know it isn’t going to be cheap.

If you need prayer for anything please do not hesitate to reach out on social media! Also be on the look out next week for an update on social media that lets you know what happened at the doctor.

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock