An Inside Look at Razzoo’s Lubbock

“High energy! Lots of fun! Amazing service and phenomenal food!”

That one statement is what you can expect from Lubbock’s newest restaurant. If you are a first time guest or if you have been there a hundred times Razzoo’s will always be an experience. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to tour Razzoo’s and ask Nathan Teague, the general manager, a few questions about what to expect once it opens on August 27th so that you know what to expect from this new cajun restaurant. Nathan has worked with the company for 11 years so he was definitely the person to talk to about the Razzoo’s experience.

For those who do not know what those neon lights that you see across the highway from Texas Roadhouse are, the simple answer is cajun greatness. The detailed answer is Razzoo’s, a cajun scratch kitchen that takes their service and food seriously even if they don’t take themselves too seriously. One of the things that Nathan told Joe and I is that they take every little detail, down to the color of the plate that each food item is served on seriously. Now that you know a little bit about the restaurant let’s get the answers to the questions y’all wanted me to ask!

Will there be a soft opening? Is it invite only or open to the public?

Good news y’all there will be a soft opening on August 24 from 4pm to 8pm and again on August 25 from 11am to 2pm. The soft opening is not invite only, BUT although it may not be invite only, select people will be receiving invites and it will be invite priority. If you do not receive an invite there will be a chance that you could be turned away at the door if you choose to go to the soft opening.

What can people expect if this is their first time attending a Razzoo’s restaurant?

Nathan says, you can definitely expect a high energy experience that is lots of fun with amazing service and phenomenal food!

What item(s) off the menu do you recommend for first time guests?

The first recommendation was the Cajun Combo Skillet which the menu says includes- Grilled andouille sausage, zesty shrimp creole, crawfish etoufee, and red beans ‘n’ rice. The price for this collection of delicious entrees is $14.29

The second recommendation was the Stuffed Shrimp which the menu says includes- Big fat boys loaded with crab stuffing & topped with a lemon butter sauce. The price on those big boys are $15.29

What is your (Nathan’s) favorite item on the menu?

The Cajun Fried Steak. Razzoo’s puts a cajun twist on the well loved chicken fried steak by cooking it in their signature cajun flour. The menu describes this dish as- Like the one above (Cajun Fried Chicken), but with a tender steak. The description for the Cajun Fried Chicken is- Full chicken breast served with fluffy, mashed red-skin potatoes and topped with our andouille cream gravy.

The Cajun Fried Steak and Cajun Fried Chicken are both priced at $11.79

Would you say that Razzoo’s is family friendly or more of a parents night out location?

Nathan was real quick to answer this question and actually answered before I finished asking. Razzoo’s is definitely family friendly but if you want to have a parents night out then Razzoo’s is also for you. He then proceeded to tell Joe and I that because of the high energy and fun Razzoo’s is a great place to bring the entire family. The entire restaurant is open to the whole family. If the parents want to sit at the bar then the kids can sit there with them. “No one is going to serve a five year old beer.” The bar area itself looks like it will an experience due to the amazing decor and fun lighting.

Will Razzoo’s have kid’s menus?

The last answer kind of already answered this question. The answer is obviously yes!!!!!! Gotta have something for those little gator’s to eat too!

Does Razzoo’s have options for people who are vegan or vegetarian? What about people with dietary restrictions (ex. Gluten Free)?

In short yes! They may not have specific options on the menu but if you ask to speak to a manager they will get you hooked up! Razzoo’s is a scratch kitchen so they can take those kind of special requests!

Will this location have a room that people can rent out for parties? If so how much?

No. The Lubbock location does not have a designated party room and will not have space available to rent out… especially for the first year while it is considered new to Lubbock. After business begins to steady out, Nathan did say that you could get with a manager to plan a party, but make sure you bring enough people to fill the room they put you in because if there is an empty table they will seat guests in there.

Does Razzoo’s take reservations?


Lastly, Why should people come check out Razzoo’s once it is open?

Razzoo’s is unlike anything that Lubbock has. Lubbock may have cajun restaurants but none that compare to the extravagance of Razzoo’s. There is nothing as big or as detail involved. Every little detail is intentional, from the decor and lighting to the color of your plate.

Joe and I were amazed when we received the tour. Razzoo’s has many different areas where people can sit from a main dining area to the bar and my personal favorite an outdoor garage like room with windows that open to allow the cool evening breeze into the establishment. My favorite thing about this room is it is lit by little floating lights, so at night instead of having light flood the room I imagine it is a little bit more of a romantic date night setting.

The entryway also has this effect. Once the sun has set there are floating disc lights that light the entry making your experience even more unique.

Once Razzoo’s opens their hours will be Sunday-Thursday from 11am to 11pm, and Friday-Saturday from 11am to 12am. As I said above Razzoo’s does not take reservations but it is definitely worth it to brave the crowds if you can opening week!

Are you excited for all the new restaurants coming to Lubbock? Joe and I will be attending Razzoo’s once it is open and I will have a full review of our experience on the blog so that anyone who is kind of on the fence about going to check out can read our personal experience.

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock