Breakfast for the Toddler Who Is Always on the Go

This post is sponsored by Happy Family but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

If your toddler is anything like mine they don’t stop moving… they are busy little bees. In the past Joshua’s breakfast has consisted of multiple bananas, because they are quick and he is incredibly impatient when it comes to waiting for his food to be ready. He wants his food immediately so he can have all the time to play. This spring I decided to change that up and try something new for him. Anything that I had to prepare was out of the question though. I knew I had to find something that was quick and easy if I wanted to keep up with my never stopping toddler.

I recently found Happy Tot Super Morning Bowls at Walmart and was excited to try them. These bowls have 0g of sugar, real organic fruit, and the best part is you don’t have to prep them! If your toddler will let you, you can warm it up gently or if your toddler is anything like Joshua, they can just eat it from the bowl.

With our previous breakfast ideas we either had huge tantrums because I couldn’t prepare it fast enough or Joshua was asking for a snack about an hour later so we had to go through the entire thing all over again. I am so happy that Happy Family created a breakfast bowl with the busy toddler in mind.

After breakfast we turn on our music and play at full speed with a full belly until nap time. Then, Monkey wakes up and we get some sunshine or start everything over again. Definitely go to your local Walmart and pick up a bowl to make your morning super! If you do then click here to print out a coupon to save $1 on your purchase of these awesome breakfast items!

What is your toddler’s favorite meal? Do they ever stop moving or are they like Joshua and NEVER stop? Let me know in the comments and don’t forgot to get your Happy Tot Coupon so you can save on your toddler’s breakfast!

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock