The Perfect Mom Purse

Sponsored post on behalf of Anna Grace; however all thought, opinions, and words are mine alone

Let’s be real here, as a mom if you don’t carry a purse and a diaper bag you are crazy. I’ve learned that you tend to either carry one or the other, not both. I have never been one to carry a purse or a bag of any sort with me. It doesn’t matter what I am doing I just, don’t, didn’t do purses or bags. Now, I have no choice. I NEED to carry something with me because if I don’t Joshua will blow out…it never fails. For the first year of Joshua’s life his diaper bag was a backpack that I just threw whatever I needed in but now that he’s older and needs less stuff I can make the bag more trendy and actually use a purse.

My purse has a double function, I mean it’s big enough to carry what Joshua needs so why not throw some diapers and wipes in there? The items that can be found in my purse differ from day to day… it honestly just depends on how dressed up I get.

Right now, I am totally loving this purse from Anna Grace. The colors are perfect for any season and they make this bag pleasing to the eye! I had multiple different purses picked out but I loved the contrast of the pink with the black… plus they had a matching scarfWin! Win! I have had this purse for about a month now and I haven’t grown tired of it like I usually do with purses.  The best thing about this purse is the size. I love it because it is not too large and bulky but it holds all of my motherhood necessities without a problem.

Anna Grace takes pride in the quality of their bags as well as the price. They do their best to bring you a quality bag that will not fall apart after only a few uses and that definitely won’t break the bank. It the perfect option for a mom who wants something a little more on trend than a diaper bag or a backpack.

On the daily you can find a large amount of baby items in my purse. Lately, that includes multiple diapers, a pack of baby wipes, a sippy cup, snacks, a fresh pair of  toddler clothes in case of the previously mentioned blowouts, and of course socks and shoes. We usually wait to put shoes on Joshua until we get where we or going or else he takes them off in the 30 minute car ride to town. 

Other items you might see in my purse include my Happy Planner, ALL THE MAKEUP, lady items, and of course a phone chord.. definitely can’t leave the house without that! Nine times out of ten I don’t even carry a pair of sun glasses with me, even though I probably should.

Do you prefer carrying a purse or a diaper bag? What is ALWAYS in your bag no matter what? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock