Inside The Brock Life

2017 In Review

Hey Y’all, I know that it’s been a while so to close out 2017 I am going to be doing a small year in review style post. Real quick, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to follow along with The Brock Blog and helping it get to where it is today! Alright so, 2017…. what a crazy year it has been. Joshua turned 1, I turned 20, I dyed my hair blue, and we got 2 dogs! It was full of good and had it’s fair share of tough times.

I believe that 2017 was a year of growth for the Brock family and that God wanted to prepare us for the new things that we will be doing in 2018. Throughout this past year Joe and I grew as a couple and as parents. We learned how to support each other and lift each other up in the tough times and how to thank God for the good.  Most importantly we began to find a small balance and put God back at the center of everything which I believe is going to be key going into 2018.

It’s crazy to see how much Joshua has grown in just 1 year. He began walking in March and now he doesn’t stop running. He is always singing, dancing, or playing drums. I am so thankful for the abundance of great moments I have had with him this year. I am not only thankful for the great moments we had with Joshua but I am also thankful for the strength that he had to fight for his life when his kidneys failed. (I promise I am working on a more in depth post for that whole thing. I just have to take my time to write it so I don’t get overly emotional and begin to worry about his health again… but it is coming soon!)

Not only did my family grow in ways that only God could but my blog grew so much faster than I could have ever imagined. I mean, my goal for 2017 was to hit 1,000 followers on Instagram and here I am only a few days away from the beginning of the new year with almost 4,000. I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing and supportive following. Everything that I have accomplished in 2017 with The Brock Blog is thanks to y’all. Y’alls support really does mean so much to me. Something as small as a like, comment, or follow means the world to a blogger because in all reality those are huge.

In 2018 you can expect a lot of life updates because we have a lot of fun changes coming up as well as the whole Cooks Children’s Hospital experience. You will also be seeing more fashion related posts featuring some pretty amazing brands like Anna Grace (they make GORGEOUS purses in the UK). I will also be writing about motherhood and sharing all of my favorite beauty finds because that’s what I do. If there is anything specific that you would like to read on the blog or see on my social media channels in 2018 please leave a comment with that you would like to see me publish! I hope you all have a fabulous rest of 2017 and a great start to 2018!

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock