Tackling Toddler Mealtime

Sponsored post on behalf of Nuby; however all thought, opinions, and words are mine alone.

Let’s face it, meal time with a toddler is not easy. I absolutely hate putting a plate and drink in front of Joshua… in fact I hate putting food in front of him period. It always end up all over him, the floor, and…well.. anything in grabbing distance. He usually eats in his diaper but in public that really isn’t acceptable and most bibs don’t really keep the mess off of his chubby, little legs. We have tried every sippy cup under the sun and have only found one that is the slightest bit leak proof. All that being said keep reading to figure out how can score a meal that keeps you sane and your child clean… for the most part.

I literally was about to give up on putting some sort of plate in front of Joshua. It never fails and he always thinks it some sort of toy, that he can attempt to toss across the room.. but, you know, those mom reflexes save the day! It’s like I became Spider-Man when I had Joshua, my reflexes were terrible before him. Can any moms relate? Nuby sent me the Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate and I totally thought it was too good to be true.


The miracle mat suctions to most surfaces, so that your toddlers plate doesn’t become a frisbee, and fits in most high chairs. We were sent one of the fun new preview designs and I absolutely LOVE it.. because if you have followed me for any length of time, you know that Joshua is a monkey! This mat not only suctions to the table but it is also microwave and dishwasher safe which makes for an easy meal prep and clean up!

If you have a messy little one like mine you know to not dress them in nice clothes or just strip them down to diaper because bibs don’t catch the mess or somehow the mess misses the bib entirely! We quit using bibs long ago and even then, we only used them to keep the drool from completely soaking Joshua’s clothes.. stupid teething. I had low expectations when I received this cute little bib because I figured everything Joshua dropped would still miss the bib.

Honestly, this bib was the total opposite of what I expected… like it catches almost EVERYTHING. The cutest thing about this bib is watching Joshua drop a piece of chicken (or food) into his bib, forget about it, then when he finishes eating he looks down and gets so excited to find food in his bib. You haven’t seen an excited little one until they find food they forgot about.

Now, if you have been following along with me on Instagram and have watched my stories lately then you already know how Joshua feels about this next product. If you don’t follow me on Instagram be sure to do that because my stories are lit, Click here to follow meNuby is releasing a new 360 Wonder Cup soon and Joshua is OBSESSED! It doesn’t leave his side at all.

The only time it leaks is when he throws it or shakes it hard. We have tried different brands and he always seems to find a way to give himself a bath we we leave him unattended. Joshua likes this sippy cup so much that I decided to give you guys a chance to win it! Head to my instagram and give me a follow because I am giving one of these bad boys away sometime today… the sippy cup, not my son.

Going into the holidays you need to have some sort of game plan for toddlers during meal time and these items are definitely on the team. What are your favorite tips and trick for mastering toddler mealtime?

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock

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