Blue Hair Q&A

A few weeks ago I posted to Instagram asking my audience if they had any questions for me about my hair and I received quite a few so I figured why not make a blog post about it! A little background on my hair and it’s current dye life- I dyed my hair using Arctic Fox Aquamarine on May 9 and have not touched it up since.. that was over 5 months ago! Yes, my roots are crazy long but I like to see how long my dye goes without fading… plus I can’t really afford to buy new dye the second my roots start to show. If you want to read about the products I used to go from brown to blue in only 2 steps, click here.

Picture taken 10/19/2017 (No touch up to dye)
Photon Taken right after I dyed my hair, 5/9/2017













So yes, it has faded a little bit but it is still extremely vibrant and colorful for the amount of time that has passed. Now, let’s get onto the questions!


Q: My question would be is the search for shampoo and conditioner different for your bright colored hair than if someone also dyes their hair but dyes it one of the natural colors?   –@LattesAndSundays

A: Ok, so that is a great question. Whenever I had my hair dyed a more natural color I really didn’t use a specialty shampoo. I have noticed that bright colored hair definitely requires more attention to detail. I have learned that unlike natural colors the tiniest amounts of sulfate will strip the color tremendously. My answer to this would be definitely be a big fat YES!

Q: How does it stay so blue for so long? Is it healthy for your hair? Cause the color didn’t stay that long when I got it professionally done. –@LexahDavis

A: First off, all hair will take dye different so even though the aqua is lasting so long on myself doesn’t mean it will on others. I like to believe that the reason the color lasts so long on myself is the products I use and my hair washing routine. The hair dye I use is called Arctic Fox Hair Color and it is definitely much better for your hair than most dyes that I have tried. Arctic Fox doesn’t have any harsh alcohols or chemical and actually has an added conditioner so it makes your hair feel extremely healthy and soft right after dyeing! If you ever go blue or bright again definitely give them a try!

Q: I love this color on you! Does the color bleed on your clothes when it’s wet? –@ColdCoffeeAndChaos

A: It definitely bleeds for the first few washes like any dye will, so I definitely recommend using a black towel when you wash your hair and make sure your hair is completely dry before putting on a shirt you love or going to sleep.  I am impatient so my pillow may have turned blue.

Q: Soooo I’m a cosmetologist and bleach/dry-shampoo addict lol and fashion color is my sh*t so what’s your secrets/tip for future clients because your color looks soooooo good for May? @MommasFakingIt

A: My biggest tips are use a sulfate free shampoo, only let cold water have the privilege of touching your hair, and wash your hair as little as possible. Let me explain. I have used every color care shampoo known to man and they still stripped my hair like crazy, but once I switched to an $8 sulfate free shampoo I noticed that it bled a lot less. I use (affiliate link) Nature’s Gate Biotin and Bamboo shampoo.

As for the cold water that is a key part of keeping the color. Washing your hair in cold water keeps the cuticle shut and keeps the color locked in, much like washing your face in cold water keeps your pores closed and vice versa. Once I was using a sulfate free shampoo and washing my hair in cold water I rarely saw it bleeding after the fourth or fifth wash, but everyone is different. You do not have to shower in cold water I recommend owning a shower cap and keeping you hair in it at all times during your shower unless you are washing it, of course.

Lastly, definitely wash your hair as little as possible. I can go 2 weeks without washing my hair but tend to wash it once a week. I often say this and am quickly met with “You don’t understand my hair is too oily!” but I do understand. I used to have extremely oily and greasy hair and here I am today writing this on day 5 of not washing my hair and it is still going strong and soft instead of weak and oily. As weird as it sounds oil fights oil so the more oil you strip from your hair the more your scalp will produce. Weird right?

End of Questions

The dye I use is Arctic Fox Hair ColorArctic Fox contains no drying alcohols, PPDs, or harsh chemicals. In addition to making great color, they also donate 15% of their profits to help prevent animal abuse, and they are (and always will be) 100% cruelty free and vegan. This post is not sponsored by Arctic Fox, I just really really REALLY love their products and I will forever recommend them!!

I hope that I was able to answer your questions and gave you some helpful information! If you have any questions that were not answered here or just want to talk hair feel free to follow along on Instagram (click here to follow me) and message me! I love talking about hair, makeup, and, of course, momming.

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock