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Fandom Friday: Series Introduction!!

January ushers in a lot of NEW things. It brings with it a new year, new goals, and in my case a new blog series called, Fandom Friday! Fandom Friday will be a small break from my typical motherhood posts and it will happen every second and fourth Friday of each month! We will talk about anything and everything fandom related.

You might be wondering, what is this Fandom thing I speak of? A fandom is the community of people that surrounds and supports a book, tv show, game, team, or movie. So if being a Potterhead is something you claim to be you are actively a part of the Harry Potter fandom. As the franchises grow the fandoms grow, and vice versa.

Each installment I will be talking about a new topic featuring one or many of the fandoms out there. One post I could go into detail about the biggest fandom that my family and I are into at the current moment and the next I could be telling you about all the cool places that feed into your fandom addiction, because there are lots!


At the end of each installment I will have the Fandom Find of the Week which will include some fandom related merch that either one of my lovely readers own or that I own myself! Each Fandom Find of the Week will have information on what fandom it belongs to as well as where to find it and how much it costs, if it is still available. To submit a Fandom Find to be featured on the blog email a photo and description of your product to [email protected]!

I am so excited to be starting this series and can’t wait to see what it becomes in the future!