The Pros and Cons of Being a Stay at Home Mom

Me and my little monkey!! Me: Lipstick: Tarte Lip Paint Yaasss -$20 Joshua: Bib: Sophie’s Softies -$(unknown)

I love being a stay at home mom. I am one of the few women who are privileged enough to spend every waking, and sleeping, moment with my son. Take that statement as you wish. Some days I mean it wholeheartedly and other I am being completely sarcastic, but in the end I love the time I get with my son.  Working and being a stay at home mom are two completely different things that both have many pros and cons. To the stay at home mom fighting for some alone time she may find that work starts to sound appealing and to the working mom fighting for some time to bond with her children she may find quitting her job sounds like the best thing to do.

I was raised in family with a working mentality. My mother and father worked as hard as they could to provide for themselves and our family. My mom can be the sickest she’s ever been and you will have to tie her up and duct tape her to her bed to keep her from working, and sometimes that doesn’t even keep her down (…not that my brother and I have tried or anything). That being said the work it actually takes to be a stay at home mom when I’m sick comes easier to me than most and I enjoy it but…my son is 11 weeks old now and I have been at home with him through it all, so from the little bit of experience I have here are some of the Pros and Cons of being a Stay At Home Mom:

Pros: Cons:
 When your child sleeps, whether it be at night or during the day, you can actually sleep when he does!

If you are breastfeeding you don’t have to worry about having any milk pumped for while you are gone for long hours at work.

You can have dinner cooked and ready for your husband when he gets home from work along with having a nice clean house.

You get to spend almost every moment with your child.**

Half of the time when they sleep during the day you don’t want to sleep. Instead you want to go out and do something

(In my case) You don’t get out much so you don’t have much milk pumped, if any, for when you actually do go out.

You have little to no interaction with anyone except your husband, child, and cat.

You get to spend almost every moment with your child**

**Spending time with your child isn’t necessarily a bad thing but my husband works 40 hours a week and at times I just want some time to myself. Most times I actually miss working and school. Getting up to go to work motivated me to actually get up and do something.

Obviously some of the pros and cons are different to everyone but these here are just a few that I have found in the small amount of time I have been Joshua’s mother. I love the time I get to spend with him and wouldn’t have it any other way while he is this young. I get to see my son grow and see everything he achieves each day. I get to hear every little coo and laugh, I get to see every smile, but along with those, I get to hear every cry and scream, and I get to see every sad pouty face. In all seriousness I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. Joshua is only this old once and I get the privilege of spending all this time with him.

As Always Keep Smiling,