Hakuna Matata Lifestyle

Psalm 64:1 NKJV Hear my voice O God in my meditation; Preserve my life from fear of the enemy.

Everyone is scared of something. Some fear spiders, others clowns, and others even the dark. These fears are all things that Satan can use against us no matter how big or small.

I have battled with anxiety for most of my life and one of my biggest fears was failure. I would be scared to go new places and meet new people. I would have random panic attacks and I would hate being alone in large crowds of people. Some may say it’s due to a chemical imbalance in my brain but I know that the anxiety I had, had a root of fear. I let one small fear take over my life. Once I got to CFNI I was able to take control of my anxiety because of a class that was taught there about The Principles Of Faith by John Hollar. Even though it wasn’t specifically taught, I learned that if you allow Satan to have that one small stronghold in your mind he will eventually be able to take control of it all.

Satan is going to attack us, we know that for sure. It is what we do with that knowledge that decides the outcome of his attack. Will we live in fear allowing him to walk all over us or will we actually build ourselves up in the word and  prepare for those attacks?

Nowadays it is so easy to live in fear. Fear of people, fear of what is going to happen to this nation, fear of what’s to come, and the list could go on. Why do we allow things like that to scare us? Yes, there are a lot of bad people in this world but they all have the potential to be good. Yes, this nation is falling apart but what is your fear doing about it? Nothing. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, your prayer will do everything your fear, silence, and complacency isn’t. Yes, I could be scared of what’s to come in future for my son to deal with, but why worry about something that may not even happen?

Matthew 6:34 NKJV Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

1 Timothy 1:7 NKJV For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind

As two of my favorite Disney characters put it, “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries!”

As Christians we need to live Hakuna Matata lifestyles, fearing nothing and worrying about nothing. Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not saying be care free. In fact, I am saying to be careful. Be careful what you think, say, and do. If you think on something long enough eventually you will act on it. If you declare something over and over again your life will eventually go in that direction. If you do something…well you do something. From time to time you will experience thoughts of fear but take those thoughts captive as quickly as they showed up. You don’t have to entertain them. (2 Corinthians 1:4-5)

“If perfect love casts out fear, Then that means fear casts out love!” -Chris Estrada

Fear is the root of so many problems today and the devil is having a field day with it. I urge you seek out God so you don’t live a life overrun by fear of the enemy… and just fear in general. A life full of assurance is much better than a life full of fear! Take the steps that you need to so that you have that worry free lifestyle, that Hakuna Matata lifestyle, full of rest, peace, and joy.