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    Bloggers to Follow During 2017!

    It’s Monday, that one day of the week that everyone knows is coming but we always try to forget that it exists. Monday’s aren’t always bad though, especially when you have things to keep your brain occupied! One of my FAVORITE things to do on Mondays is to check out some of my favorite blogs and catch up on all the exciting content that I missed throughout the week! Not only does it get me out of the Monday Funk, it also inspires me!

    Here is a list of bloggers that I absolutely adore…. the Fantastic Four that I like to read!

    Sequins&SeamsView More: http://findingedenphoto.pass.us/122

    “I’m Bailey Hawkins-owner of the beauty and style blog Sequins&Seams! You can find great deals and the best tips and tricks for fashion and beauty there! I love using my blog as a platform to share Jesus and all that I’ve come to know about the world of all things girly! I’d love to see you over on IG or find me at my blog site, www.sequinsandseams.com!” -Bailey

    I absolutely ADORE Bailey! Being a stay at home mom, I practically live under a rock so I find all of my fashion ideas and tips online through bloggers like Bailey. For fashion addicts her blog is a MUST, as well as following her on Instagram! Her photos on Instagram are so beautiful and they definitely showcase her sweet personality! Another great thing about Sequins&Seams is if you see a look that you like you can shop her feed thanks to LIKEtoKNOW.it!!

    Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/sequinsandseams/ (@sequinsandseams)

    The Mama Journey

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