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    21 Facts About Me

    Happy Monday Y’all!!!! Today is my birthday and I am celebrating 21 years worth of life and achievements. 2018 flew by and my birthday honestly snuck up on me, but it always does when it is the same week as thanksgiving. I figured, what better way to celebrate on the blog than by letting y’all get to know me more! Here are 21 facts about me to celebrate my 21 years of life!

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    To The Mom Who Is Struggling… I See You

    If you are the mom who hasn’t washed your hair in 2 weeks, this is for you. If you are the mom who hasn’t eaten today or has had too much to eat, this is for you. If you are the mom with the moody toddler who just want to yell and scream, this is for you. If you are a mom who is just… struggling, this is for you.

    I see you. I understand what you are feeling.

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    Raise Them Kind

    Kindness is a universal language that can be learned at a young age. My son is a year old and the way I act around him and treat him now will affect the person he becomes in the future. To be a kind person you need to see someone be kind. If you are raised in a toxic environment your actions as you grow older will most likely become toxic. Making the world a kinder place means raising your child to act and behave a certain way.

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    Farewell 2016, A Look into the Past Year of My Life

    2016 was a wild year. Things kept coming out of nowhere. I went into the year an 18 year old, pregnant bible school student and ended it a 19 year old, blogging mom. This past year was definitely not what I was expecting one bit. Within the first few weeks my life changed drastically. I had to drop out of school, move back to where I met my husband, and prepare for a our son’s arrival.

    This whole momming thing is not easy but it is worth it. Looking back 2016 kept me on my toes. I never thought in a million years I would be where I am today. After my son was born I was extremely depressed, even suicidal. Everyone kept telling me, “You’ll be fine, it’ll pass, it’s just the Baby Blues!” when in fact it was something that wouldn’t pass easily. I had severe postpartum depression. I had my good days but for every good day it seemed I would have twice as many bad, so I started writing.

    In 2016 my love for writing began to bloom again. It became the therapy I needed to get better and in the long run will help others know they are not alone! 10 months after it hit, Postpartum Mental Illness is still an ongoing battle, but I see the light of day more.

    My writing went from just my mom reading it to being read not only all over the United States, but people from over 36 different countries have clicked my way. I am so thankful for all the support that I have received over this past year! I really could not have done this without any of my lovely readers or the help of other bloggers that I have grown to admire through social media.

    I have little to no idea what the future holds for The Brock Blog, or even my family, but what I do know is whatever happens it will keep me on my toes. 2017 here I come!!!!!

    How did 2016 treat you? Let me know in the comments below!