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    Beauty 101: Makeup On A Budget

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    Ok y’all being a mom and being OBSESSED with makeup can be a struggle. I absolutely LOVE my high quality, expensive pieces of makeup but sometimes I just don’t have to money to go and spend $20 on each a foundation and a lipstick. I barely have $20 to spend on makeup anyways but that’s beside the point. So let’s talk drugstore makeup!

    I absolutely hate buying makeup from Target or Walmart because let’s face it swatching is non-existent at those places. I like to swatch my makeup, make sure the color blends well or even goes with my skin tone. Even though you can’t swatch you can still return the makeup if it isn’t the right fit, but if you still don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it you can always find the closest Ulta and make sure someone has you on a tight leash to keep you away from the expensive treasures you may see in there.