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    The Perfect Scarf & Beanie Duo

    I am a sucker for scarves and beanies. I always have been. Find me a cute infinity scarf and I will rock it all fall and winter long. I love beanies because I don’t have to worry about “doing” my hair when it get colder which is a major win for me. The reason the word, doing, is in quotes is because the way I style my hair is either a bun or soaking in it cold water and letting it air dry. Leaving your hair in a bun 24/7 is damaging but soaking it in cold water in the fall and winter seasons is like asking to become a Popsicle, so of course beanies are must have for me in the fall!

  • Inside The Brock Life

    The Brock Life Update | October 2018

    October has almost come to a close. It was an exciting month with so many exciting things still to come. I love October because it usually means God decides to take Texas out of the oven so we can cool down for a bit before He decides to put us in the blast chiller. This month has had many good days and some rough ones, but I will getting into each thing that happened and will soon be happening in this post! This life update will definitely be longer than September’s because as we get into the holiday season we just have so much going on!