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    3 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

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    Taking time for yourself is so important when you want to be your best self. When it comes to self-care everyone is different. If you are a busy person or a mom like myself you may not have all the alone time in the world but that is no excuse to not practice self-care. Today, I am sharing 3 simple ways you can practice self-care in your life no matter how busy you are.

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    Say Good Bye To Mombie Eyes

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    Raise your hand if you feel like a mombie! My definition of a mombie is the mom that hardly get her 8 hours of sleep, the mom who uses the fullest coverage under eye concealer you can buy, AND drinks an unhealthy amount of coffee (or tea). I will be the first to tell you I am a mombie and when I don’t wear makeup it shows. My beautiful hazel eyes have always been accented by bags, fine lines, and dark circles. I am not even 20 yet and I have some pretty defined lines under my eyes from lack of sleep, but I guess that is what happens when a night owl has a child.