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    Shirt Of The Month: May

    Small Disclosure I received this to share with my Insta followers but decided to share it on my blog as well because I loved it so much.

    Ok Y’all I have something exciting to share! I have partnered with Eichermade to share with y’all a great deal. Eichermade is a small shop that sells beautiful handmade leather earrings as well as other jewelry and t-shirts! I fell in love the second I saw the shirt for the month of May. The color was perfect but what the shirt said hit me on a personal level.

    “Not Perfect, Just Forgiven!”

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    Exploring the Lubbock Science Spectrum with a Toddler

    At the beginning of March for Joshua’s, and my older brother’s, birthday we decided to check out the Lubbock Science Spectrum. We are still very new to the area so this was a huge first for us. We had heard about it but didn’t really know what to expect. To sum it up the day was insane. Joshua was in heaven. There was so much to do, and I guess you could say my brother was in heaven because he was able to take ALLLLL the pictures. That being said be prepared for A LOT of photos in this blog post as well a small review of the Science Spectrum!

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    Purpose Driven Essentials March Box Review

    Sponsored post on behalf of Purpose Driven Essentials; however all thought, opinions, and words are mine alone.

    It is so easy to spoil yourself with chocolate and food because let’s face it who doesn’t love food? But lately I’ve been spoiling myself with things to help me grow closer in my walk with the Lord. I mean… being a youth leader that is probably a good things. I love reading little books, journaling, and doing devotionals that help me further my walk with God.

    I’m a very creative person so for me to enjoy reading and listening to studies I have to have music and crafty things. My journals are full of doodles, stickers, and of course notes… obviously but you will rarely find notes without the other items! It is so easy to become consumed with the what study should I do?, and Where do I even start? of it all and that is why I love Purpose Driven Essentials. They believe that you have a purpose and if you are driven you need the essentials to study and create!

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    Chasing Ministry

    Hey y’all! I know I have been silent these past few weeks on social media and the blog but we just moved! God called and we answered. I have always had a heart for ministry. Even in my rebellious teenage years I had a heart for ministry and Jesus..it just may not have been that large, but it was still there. I grew up in a Christian home. We went to church and I am a PK (pastor’s kid), so some think that was the option I knew in life when in reality that couldn’t be farther from the truth. My mom supported my brother and I in whatever our dreams were and mine just happened to be worship ministry, youth ministry, and missions work. I even attempted to go to bible college… and to be completely honest I learned more in that one semester then I thought I ever would. My eyes were opened to new things, which can be hard for a PK because we’ve read the bible cover to cover multiple times.