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    Fandom Friday: Series Introduction!!

    January ushers in a lot of NEW things. It brings with it a new year, new goals, and in my case a new blog series called, Fandom Friday! Fandom Friday will be a small break from my typical motherhood posts and it will happen every second and fourth Friday of each month! We will talk about anything and everything fandom related.

    You might be wondering, what is this Fandom thing I speak of? A fandom is the community of people that surrounds and supports a book, tv show, game, team, or movie. So if being a Potterhead is something you claim to be you are actively a part of the Harry Potter fandom. As the franchises grow the fandoms grow, and vice versa.

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    Human Trafficking Awareness: Get The Facts

    Human Trafficking has been swept under the rug for so long. When mentioned the subject is quickly dismissed and a new subject takes the floor. I have even lost followers on social media for speaking out on this touchy subject. If kept in the dark it will become worlds largest crime committed because as of right now it is the third largest. If kept in the dark women and men of all ages will be put at risk. Human trafficking isn’t just in third world countries. It is here in America. In fact, there have been human trafficking rings busted in my own town and I don’t live in a big city like Dallas or Houston.

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    Bloggers to Follow During 2017!

    It’s Monday, that one day of the week that everyone knows is coming but we always try to forget that it exists. Monday’s aren’t always bad though, especially when you have things to keep your brain occupied! One of my FAVORITE things to do on Mondays is to check out some of my favorite blogs and catch up on all the exciting content that I missed throughout the week! Not only does it get me out of the Monday Funk, it also inspires me!

    Here is a list of bloggers that I absolutely adore…. the Fantastic Four that I like to read!

    Sequins&SeamsView More: http://findingedenphoto.pass.us/122

    “I’m Bailey Hawkins-owner of the beauty and style blog Sequins&Seams! You can find great deals and the best tips and tricks for fashion and beauty there! I love using my blog as a platform to share Jesus and all that I’ve come to know about the world of all things girly! I’d love to see you over on IG or find me at my blog site, www.sequinsandseams.com!” -Bailey

    I absolutely ADORE Bailey! Being a stay at home mom, I practically live under a rock so I find all of my fashion ideas and tips online through bloggers like Bailey. For fashion addicts her blog is a MUST, as well as following her on Instagram! Her photos on Instagram are so beautiful and they definitely showcase her sweet personality! Another great thing about Sequins&Seams is if you see a look that you like you can shop her feed thanks to LIKEtoKNOW.it!!

    Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/sequinsandseams/ (@sequinsandseams)

    The Mama Journey

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    Going Deeper, Who is The Brock Blog?

    In the time that I have been blogging I have not properly introduced myself, so that is exactly what this post is. It’s time to get close and personal with me! My name is Jennifer Brock. I am a mother of one amazing little boy. My husband, Joe, and I started dating in April 2014, got engaged November 2014, and on January 31, 2015 we married! Soon after we married I became pregnant with our little monkey, Joshua Alexander Brock. While I was pregnant I attended my dream school, Christ For The Nations Institute, with hopes of being able to major in Missions ministry, graduate, and be sent to India to work in Human Trafficking Safe Houses with the rescued women.

    After fighting through school with morning sickness my husband and I had a change of plans. I would not be able to continue to attend school like I had planned after Joshua was born, so we moved back to my husband’s home town.


    Most of my life I have battled with some sort of mental illness. One of the greatest helps through my battles has been knowing that I am not alone. I have managed to get through most of it with the help of God, my friends and family, and writing. Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I was little. I remember writing children’s stories instead of working on my school work during my Jr. High and High School years.

    My mom is my hero and my best friend. She raised my brother and I to be the people we are today. She always relied on God even in the tough times and we always managed to make it out alive, I always managed to make it out alive because of her.

    My husband and I are HUGE nerds. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, you name it we are probably a part of the fandom associated with it!!! I may not be considered much of a gamer at all but I do enjoy watching ESports as well as gameplays and streams! Most of our family activities include bonding over our favorite Competitive Call Of Duty team, Optic Gaming.


    I love Jesus, coffee, helping others, anything Fandom related, and I am a makeup addict! I’m a 19 year old mom what else would you expect? What else do you want to know about me? Comment below with a question (goofy or personal) and I will answer it as soon as I can!!!!