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    An Inside Look at Razzoo’s Lubbock

    “High energy! Lots of fun! Amazing service and phenomenal food!”

    That one statement is what you can expect from Lubbock’s newest restaurant. If you are a first time guest or if you have been there a hundred times Razzoo’s will always be an experience. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to tour Razzoo’s and ask Nathan Teague, the general manager, a few questions about what to expect once it opens on August 27th so that you know what to expect from this new cajun restaurant. Nathan has worked with the company for 11 years so he was definitely the person to talk to about the Razzoo’s experience.

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    Breakfast for the Toddler Who Is Always on the Go

    This post is sponsored by Happy Family but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

    If your toddler is anything like mine they don’t stop moving… they are busy little bees. In the past Joshua’s breakfast has consisted of multiple bananas, because they are quick and he is incredibly impatient when it comes to waiting for his food to be ready. He wants his food immediately so he can have all the time to play. This spring I decided to change that up and try something new for him. Anything that I had to prepare was out of the question though. I knew I had to find something that was quick and easy if I wanted to keep up with my never stopping toddler.

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    Simple and Delicious Weight Loss Latte

     I am a Skinny Coffee Club Brand Ambassador so they send me coffee monthly. That being said this post is NOT sponsored by them. I just wanted to share my favorite coffee recipe with you! All words are my own.

    Every New Year most people set a goals, and one of the goals that most everyone has in common is to.. lose weight. I’m not going to lie that is one of my goals for 2018. I finally want to lose the post baby weight and the weight that I have gained since having Joshua. I have tried multiple things and found a few that actually help me stay in check as well as kick start my day. Today I will be sharing one of those with you!

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    Tackling Toddler Mealtime

    Sponsored post on behalf of Nuby; however all thought, opinions, and words are mine alone.

    Let’s face it, meal time with a toddler is not easy. I absolutely hate putting a plate and drink in front of Joshua… in fact I hate putting food in front of him period. It always end up all over him, the floor, and…well.. anything in grabbing distance. He usually eats in his diaper but in public that really isn’t acceptable and most bibs don’t really keep the mess off of his chubby, little legs. We have tried every sippy cup under the sun and have only found one that is the slightest bit leak proof. All that being said keep reading to figure out how can score a meal that keeps you sane and your child clean… for the most part.