4 Style Tips To Switch Up Your Look

Life’s too short to stick with one look forever and ever. If you’ve been wearing the same old outfits and hairdos for longer than you can remember, then now could be the time to consider mixing things up and bagging yourself a new, head-turning look. 

This can sound like a big ordeal, but it’s actually much easier than many people realize. By taking a few simple steps that won’t break the bank, you can transform your look. So let’s dive in — start today, and you’ll have a new style in a matter of weeks.

Pexels – CC0 Licence

Hit the Vintage Stores

There’s much to love about vintage stores. They’re affordable, they’re eco-friendly, and you can walk away with some quality pieces. If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe, then skip the usual stores you frequent and head straight to your city’s vintage stores. If you live in an even half-hip city, there’ll be plenty of options. You might find that you can snag vintage designer pieces for essentially the same price as what you’d pay for a new but inferior item in those usual stores of yours. If you’re not feeling brave enough to wear an outfit full of vintage finds, then start simple — a vintage coat, for example, can really liven up an aesthetic.

Look at Piercings

If there’s no space in the wardrobe, then why not look at your body as the vehicle that’ll help to liven up your look? The most obvious way to do this is to get a tattoo, but that’s quite the permanent solution. If you’re looking to dip your toes in the water, then start by getting a piercing. Monroe piercing is pretty popular right now. What is the Monroe piercing, we hear you ask? It’s a nod to Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, who had a birthmark on her left upper lip. Get a piercing there, and you’ll have made a subtle but powerful improvement to your look! 

Try a Bold New Hair Look

Another option is to make an appointment at the best salon in your area and let them take creative license over the process. If they’re the best in town, then they’ll likely be able to come up with not only a great haircut, but a cut that suits you down to the ground. You’ll pay a little more for it than usual, but it’ll be worth it if you leave feeling on cloud nine because you look so good!

Overseas Fashion Inspo

Sometimes, all we need to change up our look is a little inspiration. Alas, that can be hard to come by when we’re just living our normal routines. One recommended place to look is on your travels. If you’re taking a trip to, say, Mexico, then take a look at what passes for style down there. There’ll be some excellent boutique stores — often cheaper than in the States — where you can buy quality clothing at affordable prices. By the time you’re back home, you might have a whole suitcase of outstanding clothes that elevate your style.