Killer Queens Cosmetics Haul

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It is no secret that Killer Queens Cosmetics is my favorite Indie Cosmetic brand alongside Jelliwink and Dame Boss. Indie cosmetic brands, for those of you who do not know are small brands typically ran by 1 or 2 people. So when shopping products from this post you are not only supporting me by using my discount code, but you are also supporting a business owners dream!

Killer Queens Cosmetics creates affordable and quality cosmetics for everyone who has a love for makeup! From lashes that even those who rock glasses can wear to neon eyeliners Killer Queens has something for everyone!

Currently my FAVORITE item available is the Boujee Adhesive Liners. They are liquid eyeliner pens that are also a lash and glitter adhesive. It truly helps minimize the mess and time it takes to put lashes on because you do not need lash glue at all! All you do is apply the liner, however you please… I prefer winged liner, and then apply your lashes. My lashes stay on all day even with the crazy west Texas winds.

Currently Killer Queens has 2 eye shadow palettes that feature 12 shades each and both have a stunning variety of shades!

The Behind the Screen palette was created to inspire. Social media can be so toxic that Killer Queens wanted to create a palette that had a message… and that message is love yourself! You are the best you that you can be and don’t let anyone bring you down. Don’t let false advertisements or facetune make you think you are inadequate because your skin has blemishes or you don’t have the “perfect body”. All bodies are good bodies and good bodies have their flaws… that’s what makes them special and unique.

My favorite shade from this palette has to be the shade “Mental Health” as it is a re-imagined shade from one of Killer Queens previous quad palettes!

The other palette that is currently available, and ALMOST SOLD OUT, is the Ouija Palette. What better way to step into Spooky Season and Spooktember then by having a stunning palette inspired by the season itself? The Ouija Palette features mattes, shimmers, and chromatic shades that can really help you conjour up some FUN looks.

Of course, that is not all! Killer Queens also recently released some delicious looking and smelling handmade body scrubs that scream SELF-CARE!!!!!

You didn’t think I would finish without talking about a highlight, did you? I am a highlight fanatic! If I don’t shine did I really do my makeup??? Killer Queens has a bunch of stunning highlights including powder and liquid! Currently I am obsessed with the Glow To The Gods body glow in the shade Peitho! It adds the perfect glow to any look, dramatic or natural, and is easily applied with a brush or your fingers!


Don’t know what to buy? Don’t worry Killer Queens has you covered! Killer Queens now offers Mystery Boxes at different levels that feature a variety of items!

What is one thing you want to try? Let me know below and if you plan to order be sure to tag me in your looks @thebrockblog!