Gentle Overnight Skincare Routine with Retinol

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Skincare is no doubt one of my favorite things. It is relaxing and my skin always feels amazing after this simple act of self care. At only 22 I’ve learned that it is important to start looking into anti-aging products or products with similar benefits. It is never too early to make sure your skin looks it’s best years from now!

Recently I received the PIXI Beauty Retinol line and was beyond excited to try it! It came with a cleanser, toner, 2 different oils (one regular, and one for overnight), a moisturizer, and eye cream. All very vital products needed to achieve the perfect routine.

Because I have acne prone skin… thanks hormones… I prefer using this system of products at night while using a line that is for acne during the day.

So what is retinol and why is it important? Retinol is more commonly known as vitamin A and helps aid in the natural production of collagen, in turn it can help reduce fine line and wrinkles or other issues that are a result of our skin aging.

Most retinol products are drying but I have seen the opposite from the PIXI line. The PIXI line is very hydrating but is also very lightweight, which makes me happy.

For nights I choose to exfoliate I love using the Jelliwink Exfoliator sponge! It helps get that deep clean and feels amazing when you use it… trust me even Joe loves the way it feels. (You can use code BROCK to save on your order from Jelliwink)

Skincare is unique to each person so what works for me may not always work for you. I have sensitive skin so do my best to share items that work for people with skin like mine.

What is your go to skin routine? Do you include anti-aging products or just go with the flow? Let me know below and be sure to share this with your friends!

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