Jelliwink Cosmetics Haul

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Happy day! I’m back to writing. Recently I was able to splurge on makeup and I really wanted to spend that money on an Indie brand! I pretty much already own ALL of Killer Queens (use code BROCK to save on your Killer Queens purchase) and what I didn’t was sold out, so I had to find a new brand! Thanks to Jamie Crews, (@theindieeye on instagram), and her Meet The Brand series I found Jelliwink Cosmetics!!!!

I love supporting indie brands because often times their products are amazing quality and affordable. Not only that, but it is typically one or two people doing EVERYTHING.

In my haul I spent less than I would’ve spent on 2 Jeffree Star palettes and got 13 items with my order! Two of which were stunning palettes.

First in my haul I want to share the Treasure Box Bundle that I ordered. This bundle was technically a mystery box and can with a highlight, a pair of lashes, a beauty sponge, a lash applicator, and 3 loose pigments!

Next I ordered 2 eye shadow palettes. The Frida, and their newest palette Noelle! Both are EXTREMELY pigmented and absolutely stunning… especially the pressed glitter shades.

To create this look I used the Frida palette and immediately became obsessed. The pinkish purples went on so vibrantly and blended easily. I loved adding glitter to this look because pressed glitter made it so easy. (I am also wearing the Venus lashes and Asteri Highlight)

For this look I used the Noelle palette. I love this color scheme but totally didn’t realize at the time I was turning myself into flounder. These picture don’t do the glitter on the inner color justice. The white glitter in the palette is holographic so in some lighting it reflects green and at another angle it reflects blue. I absolutely HATED washing this look off!!!!

The next few items I ordered included 2 highlights! In this order I chose Asteri and Roux, then was surprised with Orla in my Treasure box. If you are looking for a blinding highlight I so recommend Asteri! The other two are bright but more natural!

I couldn’t do a makeup haul without ordering a lippie, could I? In my order I got their liquid lipstick in the shade Taffy! I am obsessed. It has the perfect amount of pink to look good with natural looks, and enough pink to rock with springtime glam looks! This lippie can survive a slice of Costco Pizza with little to no transfer and is not super drying!

Lastly I order the Jellyfix which is a perfect base for loose pigments and glitters!

I am 100% happy with this haul and am beyond happy that I found Jelliwink Cosmetics! Be sure to shop Jelliwink at and follow them on insta at @jelliwinkcosmetics! When you shop be sure to use code BROCK to save 20%! Have you found an indie brand you love?