Make Glasses Your Number One Accessory

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Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Today I am going to be sharing my favorite accessory with y’all. As some of you know, I am supposed to wear glasses but over the years I stopped wearing them, in public, for many reason. Joshua broke them being the main reason but the struggle of finding affordable and trendy glasses was a close second. 

Recently, thanks to Eyewear Insight, I have made my go to accessory be a pair of sassy and fun glasses. Eyewear Insight specializes in creating trendy prescription, reading, blue light (without the nasty orange tint) and fashion glasses that are affordable. 

Each set of glasses come with free UV coating, Anti-scratch coating, and anti-reflective coating. Any pair of glasses that you purchase can be turned into sunglasses by adding a tint or polarized lenses. That being said, I was able to create my favorite pair of sunglasses by choosing the J. Depp frames and adding a 50% Violet tint to them… the best part is… they are prescription!!

Next to this fun pair of sunnies, I also ordered a pair of prescription glasses for daily wear. These glasses have definitely restored my love for rocking glasses no matter the outfit. When I first saw the G Arman glasses on I fell in love. The retro vibes they put off totally screamed my name. 

I was a little skeptical when ordering my glasses because I wasn’t trying them on in person but Eyewear Insight does have a nifty try on feature! 

To sum it all up, I absolutely loved my experience ordering from Eyewear Insight. I loved being able to customize my frames and lenses to fit my needs as well as personality. The best factor was both pairs of glasses, before adding hydroscopic coating to both, were under $100. Totally budget friendly!

Do you wear glasses? If so what are your favorite styles. I am loving the retro trend right now! Be sure to share this with your friends because Eyewear Insight not only accommodates those who need prescription glasses but even those who don’t need a prescription!