2 Cute Ways To Style A Blouse

Spring is here, the season that calls for all the floral print! Floral shirts, floral dresses, and of course floral accessories! I am in love with spring fashion for that one reason, but can you blame me? Floral looks great no matter who your are and how you style it!

Today I am sharing two ways that I style this adorable flowing floral blouse and fun floral scrunchies from Livia Mae

Both are simple but the first is the easiest! The simplest way to style this blouse is to rock it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and shoes. For the scrunchies I decided to wear one in my hair to make my messy bun look a little more dressed up and then of course rocked one on my wrist. 

I am a sucker for cropped shirts so this is my favorite way to style this blouse. Not only is it perfect for spring, it also adds a little bit of shape to the outfit! All you do is tie a small knot in the center of the blouse to make it the perfect floral crop top! 

When it comes to boutique clothing I am always on the fence with sizes because I am considered plus size but I ordered a size Large in this blouse and it fit almost perfectly. The sleeves were a bit snug at first but they weren’t too bad. 

You can purchase this blouse and some fun random scrunchies from LiviaMae.com as well as gifts for those you love! Livia Mae has an awesome gift wrapping option that includes custom wrapping and a personalized card for any occasion!

What is your favorite spring trend? I am kind of happy cold shoulder is not so hot anymore, if I am being honest… I never knew what bra to wear since strapless and braless are impossible. Let me know in the comments!