A Fashionable and Affordable Little Black Dress That Every Woman Needs

This post is sponsored by AMI Clubwear but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Every woman needs a little black dress. Whether you rock it at a New Year’s party or a fun date night out with the hubby every woman needs one. I am not one who wears a lot of dresses even though I am obsessed with them. If I could function properly in dresses with my crazy toddler them you best bet I’d break out my collection and rock a dress daily. 

The last dress I shared was a gorgeous red dress for plus size woman that was affordable and perfect for the holidays. Well today I am going to share my favorite little black dress that I will be rocking for every fancy date night that Joe and I have.

This specific dress is a gorgeous velvet dress with glitter accents that will make all the heads turn. I honestly believe that this dress from AMI Clubwear is perfectly created with the plus sized woman in mind. It doesn’t point out all bad curves instead it focuses on the sexy and beautiful ones. Now don’t get me wrong… when I say bad curves I am talking personally about the curves that I do not like about my own body. 

I will say the slit in the front of the dress can be a little revealing if you are not careful. Simple hack for that use a safety pin!!!!!! I cannot stress enough how much more comfortable that made me feel in this dress. Another secret for me rocking this dress is SHAPEWEAR. I definitely do not need it with this dress but It makes me feel a-lot-a-bit better when I am going to be eating quite a bit while rocking this dress. I get my shapewear from Shapermint and it is amazingly comfortable! I honestly forget I am even wearing it. 

You can find your perfect little black dress here! AMI Clubwear has honestly become one of my favorite places to shop for clothes because they are affordable and cater to everyone no matter your style or size. 

Do you have a favorite little black dress? Where do you like to wear it? Honestly do you wear dress whenever or only on special occasions? I wish I could wear them whenever but for that to happen I need to work a bit on my confidence! With outfits like this dress and the last one I shared though my confidence is soaring!

As Always Keep Smiling, Jennifer Brock