The Brock Life Update | October 2018

October has almost come to a close. It was an exciting month with so many exciting things still to come. I love October because it usually means God decides to take Texas out of the oven so we can cool down for a bit before He decides to put us in the blast chiller. This month has had many good days and some rough ones, but I will getting into each thing that happened and will soon be happening in this post! This life update will definitely be longer than September’s because as we get into the holiday season we just have so much going on!

Of course, I am going to start things off with a health update. Health update includes girly talk about feminine things so men be warned. Next month will be month 3 of my new medicine and boy have we REALLY noticed a difference. Before starting this specific medicine I felt like I was bleeding out, I was sleeping all day, and was constantly losing weight because the pain I was experiencing was so bad that I would throw up anything I tried to eat, as well as some other problems. It was intense. Adenomyosis is no joke and definitely not fun. My mom would tell me from time to time that the circles around my eyes reminded her of a raccoon. Now that I have been on this medicine for almost 3 months, I don’t look as much like a raccoon, I don’t sleep 24/7, I haven’t had much bleeding, and I rarely have to endure the pain I had before. Every once in a while the pain shows up but it is not a daily fight like it used to be. I go back for my second dose of medicine on November 15, and once that has been administered we will see how that dose reacts in body before we choose to keep on keeping on with meds or if we fight for a hysterectomy. At this point I am willing to stay on these meds for however long my body will let me, BUT adenomyosis is a progressive disease so what might help one month is not a guaranteed fix for the next month.

I give all the glory to God for the healing that I have received this far. I know that the more time I spend in His presence declaring His word and His promises that I will experience full healing. In the mean time I am working on building my faith and doing my best to stop declaring death over my uterus when He declares, “Be fruitful and multiply!”Gen. 1:28 and “By His stripes I am healed.” Is. 53:5.  Health update over.

This month not only has been great for me it was also great for my husband. He reached 10 subs on Twitch and had a celebratory stream! This is where things weren’t so great. We know people who drink hot sauce for subs and eat hot things for fun on stream so Joe decided to eat a Carolina Reaper to celebrate reaching his goal and for surpassing it… I think he is now at 12 subs. This is not Joe’s first rodeo with the Carolina Reaper. In fact this would be the third instance in which he has eaten one and one of those times he actually ate 2, so he knew what to expect. The time came his palms were sweaty because he doesn’t eat spicy food just to eat it like I do, and he ate it… then proceeded to shovel ice cream into his mouth. The stream chat was HYPED. What we didn’t know at the time was if you eat spicy stuff on stream and someone reports you, you can get banned on Twitch. Joe got banned. Luckily for 24 hours only and we didn’t lose any of the money he had earned through streaming but he was so upset. Now we know that spicy is a no go on stream. If you want to check out Joe’s stream and hang out with me in the chat check out You can also sub for free if you have amazon prime! Don’t have prime? [affiliate link] Click here to get a 30 day FREE trial

This month has been crazy for the blog as well! I have been back to my normal self posting here at least once a week, on Mondays, and to my instagram at least once day during the week and taking weekends off. I am so close to reaching my goal of 5,000 on Instagram, so if I reach it before the month is out then I will be having a pretty neat giveaway to share my appreciation! If you missed any of this month’s posts you can find them below:

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As you may have noticed I have been posting a lot more fancy photos lately. Those photos are courtesy of Bobby K Photography. Bobby K Photography has provided services to The Brock Blog so that I can help up my content for you guys. Some posts that feature his pictures include Food Help With Happy Mama Mentors, the non selfie in my Fall Glam Makeup post, Treating Sora to Something Purr-fect, and a lot of my instagram posts! He is a phenomenal photographer when it comes to really anything. Pets, Kids, Family, Couples, Portraits, and Products….he’s got you! He has a really unique eye! You can find his work here. The photos in this blog post were actually taken by him as well! If you are interested in potentially having Bobby K Photography feel free to send him a DM on Instagram for his rates!

Although the month is coming to a close we still have so much left, including a youth group costume party that will be a blast! I am actually making my costume for the party and will be Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. I was hoping to have a blog post up but October totally ran away from me and November decided to begin sneaking up on us.

Was your October eventful? What do you and/or your kids plan to be for Halloween? Let me know below!

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock