Treating Sora to Something Purr-fect | Fancy Feast for Fancy Feet

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Hey y’all. Today I want to talk to y’all about animals because I feel like I haven’t shared enough about our amazing pets on this blog. I have already shared some about our pups so today I want to talk to you about the one member of our family who hasn’t had a chance in the spotlight, our not so little cat Sora. Now, Sora has been a part of my life before my husband even knew I existed. He has been there with me through all the ups and downs of my life and is honestly my best friend. That being said best friend’s need to be treated every once in a while.

In the 4+ years that I have owned Sora, he has learned the many ways to make me smile and make my day great. Whether I am sick or just not myself due to recent health problems, he is always by my side offering extra cuddles to make sure I am going to be okay. Sora has always been able to make my day brighter from day one.

Sora’s favorite ways to pass time is by creating a full blown obstacle course out of the furniture followed by lots and lots of eating. That is where I have learned how I can make his day brighter. When it comes to dinner time, or honestly just any time that I think he needs a treat, I like to surprise him by getting him Purina Fancy Feast®Broths, Appetizers, and FiletsPurina Fancy Feast® Broths, Appetizers, and Filets are not full meals but are meant to offer a side of happiness to your cat’s menu. Whether I am using them to complement a meal or as a special treat, Sora is always full of happiness when he see the package being torn open, in fact he comes bolting my way the second he hears or smells his delectable treat exiting the package.

On the days that I like to surprise my not so little ball of fluff I take a quick trip to our local PetSmart! One thing I love about PetSmart is they have everything you need to serve up a side of happiness to any pet you have, especially cats. The selection of Purina Fancy Feast®items was amazing so it was hard to just pick one of each to treat Sora, but I managed. I chose to get Sora the Purina Fancy Feast® Classic Broth with Tuna, Shrimp, and Whitefish, the Purina Fancy Feast® Alaskan Salmon Appetizer and the Purina Fancy Feast® White Meat Chicken Filet in Tuna Broth. 

These items always seem to put a little bit of pep in Sora’s step. That is actually the reason why this post has Fancy Feast for Fancy Feet in the title. I mean have you ever looked at a cat’s feet… they are ADORABLE! Somehow, if you add a little pep to their step and give them a reason to purr louder they get even cuter!

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One way you can treat your cat to something purr-fect, like I did Sora, is stopping by PetSmart and grabbing them a special treat. Currently there is an Ibotta deal that can put a little bit of cash back in your wallet when you treat your cat to any of the Purina Fancy Feast® appetizers, filets, or broths when you shop at PetSmart. I guess it really does pay to treat your cat! Do you have any pets at home? What is your favorite way to treat them? Let me know in the comments below!

As Always Keeping Smiling,
Jennifer Brock