A Subscription Box Your Kid Will Love

Sponsored post on behalf of Why & Whale; however all thought, opinions, and words are mine alone

Oh subscription boxes, how I love you. They honestly make the perfect gift for EVERYONE!!! I have reviewed many different kinds of subscription services on my blog and social media but never a kids box so I figured why not? A lot of you are moms, sorry to the non-moms/parents, so it was about time I find a great kids box!

Why And Whale is a children’s subscription box that comes with fashion items as well as toys and items to make mom life a little easier. Little did I know how big of a blessing this collaboration would be when I first reached out to the company.

We received this box right before Joshua got sick, so I am really excited to finally be sharing it with you now! I actually took these photos when we were visiting my mom in Lubbock for Thanksgiving the day before we took Joshua to the hospital. That being said if this box was able to bring a smile to my sick little one’s face then I feel like it would make healthy kids all the more happy. Joshua hadn’t be smiling for a solid two to three days but the second he got to tear into his surprise pack he was over the moon.

This particular pack came with a beautiful garland from The Whimsical Woolies that will be a perfect thing to hang in Joshua’s room once we move. The colors are all gender neutral and would go with pretty much any theme of room which means that they will last through many MANY room theme transitions!!!

The next item Joshua found in his box was a raccoon wobble toy from Kid O. I thought that this was the cutest thing because Joshua was actually wearing his raccoon onesie the night he opened it. I think this toy just became his best friend!

You can’t have a kids surprise box without a piece of clothing. In this particular Why And Whale box there was an adorable long sleeve tee from Rylee and Cru. The front of this tee has a little mountain and on the back it says in large words “Let’s Go EXPLORE!” This shirt is so perfect for Joshua because he is a wild child. He loves exploring and climbing. Since Joshua has been on the mend he has worn this shirt a good handful of times and always gets the sweetest compliments.

Lastly, my favorite item! A bonded leather changing mat from Gathre. As Joshua grew older I didn’t realize how much I actually would need a changing mat, but it is now something that I carry with me 24/7 and will until he is potty trained. I don’t trust public restrooms and blankets are hard to clean so I just slip this changing mat into my mom purse. Its compact, cute, and easy to clean.

Why and Whale isn’t just a subscription box that brings smiles to children, it also brings smiles and warms the hearts of the entire family receiving it. I am always so blessed when I have the opportunity to give something to Joshua. What is your favorite subscription boxes? Have you checked out my other posts featuring date night boxes, period boxes, and boxes that give back? Let me know in the comments what box you want me to feature next!

As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock