I Love You To The Moon And Back | Date Night featuring Crated With Love

Sponsored post on behalf of Crated With Love. All opinions and text are my own.

Love. Love is such a strong feeling but if you don’t exercise love it will begin to weaken. If you don’t set time aside for the ones you love then your relationship will begin to falter. Date nights are so important when you are married with kids. I cannot stress that enough. If you don’t continue dating your husband or wife as your marriage progresses things will get real rough real fast. Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the world to plan a date, feed the kids, work, and actually have time alone with your significant other to do the date.

Time and time again you have seen me share Crated With Love’s monthly date box with you, and that is simply because I love it. Joe and I rarely have time to sit down and plan out a date with just the two of us. Our date nights usually include watching Netflix or going to our local comic store to play Magic The Gathering, so they really don’t take much thought and they don’t really put a lot of effort into strengthening our relationship like a thought out date from Crated With Love does.

Each date box from Crated With Love has a specific theme and comes with everything you need to complete the date as well as challenges that cause you to focus on certain parts of your relationship.

The most recent date that my husband and I received was called, drum roll please, To The Moon And Back. And I am guessing by that title you know what the theme of this date is but if you didn’t catch what the theme is, it is Space. This theme takes you to the final frontier right in your own living room (or where ever you choose to do this date).

Challenge 1: A Shot In The Dark

For the first challenge of the date, Crated with Love provided us with a balloon and glow sticks. This challenge called for us each to wear a glow stick and put one inside of the balloon, then shut all the lights off. Once the lights were out the real challenge began. Counting down from 10 we hit the balloon back and forth, once we hit zero, or BLAST OFF, we each had to take a step back and repeat the process until we reached our max distance.

This challenge helped us relax from the stress of the day and really take time to focus on each other.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 challenge one complete and this date is already blasting off to a great start.

Challenge 2: Airplanes and Shooting Stars

Challenge 2 was exactly that…a challenge. This challenge called for ALLL the glow sticks, 4 to be exact, and 2 Gliders, provided by Crated with Love with their amazing logo on the wings. We made 2 rings out of the glow sticks, and those became our goals. We sat one about 10 feet away and the other 15 feet. Once the goals were set and gliders were assembled it was time to take flight, and shoot through the sky… well, living room and ┬ásee who could get the most points. When one of us got a point the opponent had to tell the scoring player why they were the center of their universe and one wish that person had for our relationship.

It was a fun challenge but extremely hard. Joe was only able to score about 3 or 4 times therefore winning, but our cat got some exercise chasing the gliders. For a little bit of extra fun with this challenge we jammed out to the song Airplanes by BOB featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore.

Challenge 3: Galaxy Jars

Challenge 3 made us channel our creative and sentimental side, which is my specialty unlike the physical challenges which are more Joe’s kind of thing. We got to make fun little galaxy jars. To start this creative little challenge off we each had to write down a significant moment in our relationship on strips of paper and set those off to the side. Confused at the time as to why we needed to do that we continued the challenge.

Crated With Love provided us with pink and blue paint, jars, cotton balls, and glitter. With those simple yet fun items we made out jars. In the middle of the jars between the 2 colors we were told to crumple our papers into tiny planets and place them there.

I’m not sure what is supposed to happen yet but from the looks of it our papers are starting to unfold… I will definitely keep y’all updated on my instagram stories with this little project.

Challenge 4: What’s Your Constellation

Living in the country made this challenge so much better than if we were in the city. This challenge calls for you and your significant other to go out to your backyard or somewhere and spend some time gazing into the stars. While gazing at the stars we were searching for the constellation that we felt best represented our relationship. Out of the hundreds out the many ones out there we had to choose one.. it could have been based on brightness, location, or the meaning behind the name or origin. Once we chose the constellation we took the glow in the dark stars given to us in the box to recreate it in our own house.

What constellation did we choose? The Pegasus, why? Because it was one of the few constellations we could see shining through at the time and we love the story of the Pegasus. Now we will forever be remind of this date as we see the stars light up our bedroom wall at night.

Ending Thoughts

This date took us out of our own little worlds and gave us some time to work on us. It got us away from all the distraction life throws our way daily and made us focus on an area in our relationship that we honestly really needed to focus on. For us, this date made us focus on supporting each other and helped remind us that no matter how dark and how rough things get we will always be there to help guide each other.

Crated with Love has yet to disappoint us with a date. If you haven’t read our past dates be sure to check them out, I have linked them below. Also be sure to head to CratedWithLove.com to order your own date box for $19.99 a month, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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As Always Keep Smiling,
Jennifer Brock