Adding To The Family

I have some very exciting news to share with all of you! The Brock family is always growing and we recently found out that we are adding not one but two amazing little members to our family. Our hearts our overjoyed, and we are more than ready to prepare for this big change that is taking place. Well, Joe is at least, I on the other hand am anxious, not sure how I am going to do it all with three little ones running around plus our cat… and gosh all the poop and pee that I am going to have clean up until they are all potty trained.

You can purchase this sign from CoCo Creations By Court here.

No, we aren’t pregnant, it will still be a while before we give Joshua a sibling in that way.. we hope. But our fur babies are our family and will always have that special place in our hearts. We are so excited to announce that we are adding two beautiful fur babes to our family. Joe has wanted a dog ever since we got married. By dog I mean a giant animal that takes up my side of the bed.. and Joe will tell you my side of the bed is all the bed.  It was supposed to be one but how could we say no to these eyes?

It all started the week before Joe’s birthday on his day off. Our goal for the day was to be active and get me out of the house so we were planning to go to the park.. on a Saturday. What were we thinking? Parks are full of birthday parties on the weekends and packed full of kids, so it was my bright idea to go to the Humane Society to look at dogs. We were wanting a puppy that way it could learn to grow up and be friendly to Sora (our cat), and Joshua, but they didn’t have any that were good with other animals, especially cats. A little bummed that we couldn’t adopt a pup I took matters into my own hands and started looking in local Facebook groups to find a pup that would be a perfect addition to our family as well as a perfect birthday and Father’s Day gift for my husband… and that is how we found these babies. Warning if you have puppy fever stay far away from anything that has pets for sale, you will want them ALL!

Now that I have justified the decision to add two not so little, little pups to our ever growing family it is time to introduce you to them.

The oldest of the two pups is Ozcar, or as I call him Oz the great and powerful. His mom is a Blue Heeler and his dad.. well.. we are guessing he was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Either way he is the most loving, playful, and protective pup that I have ever met. Oz is probably going to be anywhere from a medium to large sized dog but he is convinced he is a chihuahua. This dog sleeps like a human and he demands to be cuddled like you have been together for years. He not only stole my heart, but he stole my spot in bed and now gets all the cuddles. But it’s all ok since he’s a big mama’s boy.

Unfortunately I am unable to link this collar but you can find similar ones and completely different designs from Anomaly Collar Club here.

Because Oz deserves to live in the Emerald City his collar and everything that is bought for him specifically is green. Joe thinks I am a bit weird wanting to color coordinate the dog’s stuff.. but ya know, I’m just extra like that.

Donut right as we got him. He was still so tiny

The youngest but the largest is Donut. Donut get’s his name from a YouTube/Netflix series that is based on the popular Halo franchise. As we were looking for collars and tags for our pups I kept seeing donut themed everything and begged Joe to name our fur baby after the delectable treat and the goofy, naive, character from Red Vs. Blue. This little pup did not stay little at all as you can tell from the photo above and the photo below. Donut is a german shepherd, husky, akita, and boxer mix he is expected to be about 100 lbs. Can you say giant?

Donut’s collar can be purchased from Anomally Collar club here.

Donut is the by far the sweetest pup I have ever met and completely adores Joshua. The second Joshua walks into the room Donut is right by his side loving on him. Donut is 5 weeks younger than Oz and is already becoming a gentle giant. He is definitely a whole lot more vocal than Oz is when he is playing, and honestly he is just more vocal in general.

Collars from Anomaly Collar Club

I am sure that these next few months are going to be a bit stressful but like I said in the beginning our fur babies are our family. I can’t wait to share all the pup pictures with you alongside my usual motherhood and fashion shots on social media so be sure to be following me for your daily dose of cuteness. Also I want to say thank you to CoCo Creations By Court for making the much needed sign that you see at the beginning of this post and Anomaly Collar Club for making some rad collars that fit our pups personalities. Definitely go check out their shops and if you can, shop small!