Sweet Teriyaki Pork Loin In Under 30 Minutes

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smithfield® Marinated Fresh Pork. The opinions and text are all mine. #RealFlavorRealFast @SmithfieldFoods 

After a long hot summer day that has been filled with either all work or all play, it’s nice to relax and let my husband, Joe, take over and make something delicious for dinner. 

Our family LOVES United Market Street. In fact, that is the only place where we purchase our meat… and, well, any food items to be exact. United Market Street has always felt like a second home to Joe and myself. Not only was our first job bagging groceries there, but that is where I first laid eyes on him and vice versa. I have seen many people come and leave that specific store but team members new and old will always welcome you with a smile on their face. I absolutely love it.

Recently we purchased the Smithfield® Sweet Teriyaki Marinated Fresh Pork Tenderloin from United and paired it with garlic lime zucchini and squash, as well as, some white rice for a fun summer meal. The best part is everything took under 30 minutes to cook so you get real flavor, real fast.

After working at a grocery store for so long and seeing people buy these products through out the day, one thing that kept my husband and I from ever purchasing one for ourselves was the fact that we didn’t know how to cook it. Let me tell you right now, if that is the reason why you have not tried a pre-marinated pork tenderloin get up, go to the store, and buy one because I am about to tell you how we made it melt in our mouth. 

Are you ready for our secret recipe? 

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Open up the packaging and place the pork onto a cookie sheet covered in foil for easy clean up. 

Once the oven is preheated place the cookie sheet in the oven, set the timer for 25 Minutes, and when the timer goes off, BAM you are done cooking for the night.  

It is really that easy. You don’t need to play the season guessing game and worry about it being over seasoned because it is slow-marinated and perfectly seasoned for your ease. Since the work was all done for us we were able to spend more time together as a family, not having to worry about the hassle of preparing a full course meal.

It was hard for us to choose a flavor but we were pleasantly surprised with the taste of the teriyaki pork tenderloin. Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork is made from 100% fresh pork with no artificial ingredients. Simply grill, roast, sauté, or slow cook for an easy and delicious meal your family will enjoy any night of the week. 

While Joe was preparing dinner I was constantly worrying about the pork not having much flavor but trust me when I say that with Smithfield you get real flavor, real fast. The flavor of the pork was so dynamic and vibrant. If we would have added anything to it, we would have messed up big time. I guess it was just hard for me to believe that something could take so little effort but still taste so good.  

Now that we have tried Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork, I think it is safe to say that on busy days and lazy ones we will be skipping the drive thru more often so we can eat a nice home cooked meal. All in all, my family is very pleased with our Smithfield experience and will be looking forward to trying the other flavors of marinated pork!  

Smithfield is also challenging you to see what you can do with Marinated Fresh Pork in 30 minutes or less with their What Can You Do With 30? meal and tip contest. For other meal prep ideas, and to submit your own personal recipe for a chance to win some cool prizes head to  

Don’t forget to share these delicious secrets with your friends and family so that they don’t miss out on the fun!

As Always Keep Smiling,