It’s A Hard Block Life

Disclaimer: Items in this blog post were gifted for an honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone! 

Blocks, blocks, and MORE blocks. If you were to look around my house you would see the floors covered in these fun toddler necessities. Besides balls these simple little wooden toys are my son’s favorite thing to play with. He doesn’t quite understand how to build things yet but we will get there soon.

Nowadays it can be hard to find quality blocks and wooden toys that won’t break or chip at the first toss from a toddler. Trust me on that, Joshua thinks you can play catch with everything.. even his drum.
Everything in stores is now plastic or foam. Like c’mon guys where is the good stuff that I was raised with? Yes, I had a lot of plastic toys but I had some wooden ones too.

Recently we found Cubbie Lee Toys. Cubbie Lee Toys is toy company that specializes in wooden toys that last. This company was created by parents with rambunctious kids for parents with rambunctious kids. They wanted to create toys that wouldn’t break the second your toddler glanced in it’s direction.

The thing that I love most about the toys that they create is they will grow with your child. Right now Joshua is trying to play catch with his blocks or destroying the things that we build but soon they will help me teach him how the alphabet and after that they will help him learn to spell.

His little pound bench has already taught his so much. Since having this toy he has learned how to fill the holes with the pegs. No, he doesn’t realize what the hammer is for…but he will get there.

And lastly, the little elephant pull along toy. Right now it’s just fun to drag along where ever he goes, even though he has yet to realize the wheels help it move, but in the future once his imagination grows it will be one of his best friends.. and who knows he might even build a castle for it using his alphabet blocks.

Whether they realize it or not Cubbie Lee Toys makes toys with a purpose. That purpose is to break down the barriers of learning and imagination, and I think that’s what makes their toys so wonderful.

That is why it’s a hard block life, for us. What is your little one’s favorite toys? Let me know in the comments below!

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As Always Keep Smiling,