Thing One Turns One! | A Dr. Seuss Inspired Birthday Party

Disclaimer: Items in this post were gifted for promotion. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone! Also I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the people at all the shops who helped make my monkey’s first birthday a memorable one! You are all very amazing shops and great people! THANK YOU

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The first birthday is important, or at least to me it was. My son may not remember the party we through for him but I sure will. Joshua Alexander Brock was born March 2, 2016 so it was only fitting that we threw him a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party, with all the invitations, decorations, and foods that you would find in the Seuss-verse. Here is how we celebrated this special day!

My birthday planning list was endless. First on this mama’s check list was INVITATIONS. I went to Etsy and searched and searched until I found the perfect invitations from Max And Mae Invites. Ashley was wonderful when it came to getting the designs ready and the best part about these invites is that they RHYME! I printed them for next to nothing at Walmart!


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Next on my list is decorations! No party is complete without banners and props. Dr. Seuss was a very easy theme to buy decorations for. For the majority of his decorations we filled the tables and house with different Seuss books and even had people sign Happy Birthday To You by Dr. Seuss as a way to document everyone who came to wish my little monkey a happy birthday.

Banners and banners galore. One tip I have for planning a party for a toddling child or even grown ones is do not, I repeat Do Not hang banners in their reach. They will rip them down and tear them apart before you can even take pictures of how lovely they are. Luckily I had some neat before shots of the prep for this amazing banner created by Vision 2 Images for this very special occasion!


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Because we learn from our mistakes we decided to place our high chair banner from Celebrate Custom Event above his head out of arms reach so that he couldn’t tear it to shreds.. we are saving that strength for the presents haha.


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My favorite decoration from Joshua’s party is from Switzers Sweets on Etsy. The reason why this is my favorite piece of decor is it can and will grow with him. The sign that we used on the gift table will be in his room for years and years to come. Oh Joshua, The Places You’ll Go… and the places this sign will go with you! The lovely people at Switzers Sweets have even given me a code for you guys to use if you would like to purchase anything from their shops! Use code BROCKBLOG to get 10% off of any order.



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After decorations it was time to plan out the food. For inspiration I went to all my favorite books. We had everything. Green Eggs And Ham, Chips Salsa and Quac.. or as we called it The Grinch Dip, colorful goldfish served in a fish bowl decorated with Seuss Fish from Vision 2 Images for One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, a delectable fruit tray as Truffula Fruit, and lastly we had some delicious punch made by a friend of ours served in red solo cups inspired by Thing 1 and Thing 2!

The food tents were created and sent from Max And Mae Invites, CLICK HERE to buy them.




But wait there is more! More what? More FOOD! You can’t have a party without a cake or 50 tiny cakes (cupcakes). Our favorite place to buy baked goods is Market Street. We buy all of our cakes, cookies, and treats there.. it also helps that my husband and I met at Market Street. The cakes are quality taste but reasonably priced. Because Joshua is only one we figured that a cupcake cake would be best way to celebrate. We ordered fifty cupcakes, half white and half chocolate, to match the theme of his birthday with a mixture of buttercream and whipped icing for no more than $1.05 a cupcake, and it turned out to be the best cake I have ever seen! They also through in a free smash cake which you will be seeing in a future blog post!


Now for the little man of the day’s outfit!!!!!! It was so hard for me to find the perfect birthday outfit for him because let’s face it all that’s out there for boys is a T-shirt that has the number one and I wanted something different. Joshua’s birthday outfit was custom made by Cuddle Sleep Dream. The thing I love about Cuddle Sleep Dream is that they specialize in boys clothes and have the cutest birthday outfits with removable ties and bow ties. Trying to get a one year old to sit still with a lot of people around is some hard work so check out his outfit while he opens presents! Yes, we did attach a balloon to his suspenders. He enjoyed it!


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And Last but not least we have the photo booth! Everyone loves a good photo, especially when there are props involved. Vision 2 Images made us some custom made printable props that we just printed out and stuck to wooden skewers. Coming up with props was not a challenge we had to have Thing 1 and Thing 2 props as well as the Cat in the Hat.




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As I was searching etsy for fun little decorations I found Z Party Of Three Shop. This Etsy shop specializes in making photo boards. You can custom make one for your party or event, but they also has some of their own ideas for sale. They had exactly what we were looking for in the shop so we didn’t need to make a custom order at all. We ordered a Dr Seuss Board with the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2. We chose for the head hole to be placed where it was, you can choose which characters have face and which characters have a head hole. When we put Joshua up there it was the cutest thing, he was so excited.


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What is the favorite party you’ve thrown or experienced? Do you go big or keep it small? Also don’t forget to head over to my good friend Faith’s YouTube channel to see the video recap of Joshua’s Seuss-tastic Birthday Party!!!!!!

CLICK HERE  to be taken to Joshua’s Birthday Video Recap!

Photos in the slideshow above were taken by Hope Alvarez Photography

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