Fandom Friday: The Walking Dead DATE NIGHT!

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Who is ready for the Mid-Season premiere of The Walking Dead?!?!!?! I know my house is! I went from not caring about this show, to falling madly in love with it. Are you and your significant other still behind on previous seasons or want to recap before Sunday? What better way to get in the Walking Dead mood than having a Walking Dead themed date night?!

I absolutely love fun date nights, especially when they include binge watching my favorite movies or TV shows! Whether you are making a day or a night out of it these ideas are for sure going to help get you and your partner in the mood for some zombie slaying!


The perfect way to start of the date is providing you partner with their very own Zombie Survival Kit complete with food rations, hydration, a weapon, ammo, zombie spray to trick the zombies into thinking you are one of them while you relax with your love and binge The Walking Dead, and an extra energy supply so that you don’t get too tired and become zombie bate! Be sure you do this because all of these items are needed for the different date activities that are included.

Items You Will Need To Make This Happen:
A Box 
Zombie Survival Kit Printables

Nerf Gun or Some Sort of Toy Gun
Ammo For your weapon
Canned Goods
Your Favorite Snacks and Candy
Water and Energy Drink, Coffee, or Soda
Your favorite perfume (Zombie Spray)




Once you have your Zombie Survival Kit, make sure you have targets set up in your place of living or outside and put your Zombie Hunter Permit to good use! Just make sure you don’t use all you ammo on practice targets, or else you will be a buffet for zombies if you can’t get away from them in time for your partner to step in and save your life!

Items You Will Need To Make This Happen:
Zombie Hunting Permit Printable
Targets or Zombie Target Printable
Nerf Gun/Weapon


Once you have finished your target practice, open your survival kit and rummage through your kitchen because it is time to break out your food rations! You could always go super fancy and make something very skilled but I recommend you use what you have in you Zombie Survival Kits to make it even more like you are in a zombie apocalypse! Obviously using simple things from your kitchen like butter, milk, and water is fine. I’m not saying you have to eat only canned goods but it’ll make it more fun! 

In the boxes I packed for my husband I included canned chili and a box of mac n’ cheese for our food rations! Not too simple but not too extravagant!


Once your food is prepared its time to pull out your Zombie Spray, give yourself a spritz, grab your food, and start binging the show! The Dating Diva’s provided us with a few fun activities to do while you watch the show!

The first activity is a prediction sheet! Just fill it out with you best guesses for what is going to happen in whatever episode you are going to be watching and if you are a hardcore fan try your hand at some Walking Dead Trivia!! (Excuse the typo on question 11)

The second activity is a fun one! Each time you catch you partner simply making a noise, or vice versa, you present them with a ZOMBIE CARD. These cards have some fun witty things written on them to remind you to keep quiet! Laughing, talking, phone ringing or buzzing, any noise counts. At the end of your binge whoever has the most cards has to do something, clean the dishes, do a daring thing, etc., YOU CHOOSE!


Items You Will Need For This To Happen:
Food Rations From Your Survival Kit
Netflix, DVR, or The Walking Dead DVD’s
Zombie Spray
Prediction Printable
Zombie Card Printable



Depending on how much of a zombie you and your partner have become you can choose to end the night at the previous activity or drink your energy supply (if you haven’t already) and present them with a Zombie Outbreak Notice! This notice let’s you partner know that a zombie outbreak has occurred in your own home and each of you need to be thoroughly inspected (wink.. wink). Be sure to check for all the symptoms listed in the notice as well as ones that may have been left out!


Items You Will Need To Make This Happen:
Zombie Outbreak Notice Printable

 Whether you want to have a date night or just a super fun walking dead party, these printables and ideas are a great way to prepare for the Mid-Season Premiere! Be sure to check out The Dating Divas because this date would be impossible without them! 

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Fandom Find Of The Week!

Warning: SPOILER ALERT If you have not watched the first episode of The Walking Dead, Season 7 you have been warned!

Submitted by: Ashley Weidman 
Price: $26.99
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This GLENN’S PIZZA shirt is something any fan of the The Walking Dead will get! We first met Glenn in season 1 and at that point I already knew he would be one of my favorite characters.  Before the zombie apocalypse started Glenn was a pizza delivery boy full of sarcasm, and until the day he died in Season 7 he was one of the funniest characters in The Walking Dead. This shirt is complete with Glenn’s red hat and one of Glenn’s favorite words- I’ll let you take a guess at what that is!

I love this shirt so much! It’s soft and looks great! I love that only other fans of the show, know and understand the meaning behind the shirt. RIP Glenn! You are so missed! 
-Ashley Weidman

This season marks the second annual Ultimate Fan Search for The Walking Dead. For those of you who do not know The Talking Dead puts on a contest to find the ultimate Walking Dead fan. Our contributor for this weeks Fandom Find, Ashley Weidman, has entered to be that ultimate fan! Ashley is a mother of 3 lovely children, Max, Mae, and their newest addition Maggie (named after the strong, beautiful character she is on the show) and owns the Etsy Shop Max And Mae Invites (You will be seeing some awesome Invites from there next month). If you like this shirt please go, watch Ashley’s video, and VOTE VOTE VOTE as much as you can for her! 

When you get to the site look for the video submitted by ‘Ashley W., Rockton IL.’


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