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Foun-Date-Tions (featuring Crated With Love)

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Crated With Love. All opinions are mine and mine alone!

A relationship is not based on the length of time you have spent together, it is based on the foundation that you built together! -Unknown

Every relationship needs to be built on something firm and something strong. Without a strong foundation your relationship will eventually crumble. Building a solid foundation with your partner takes time and it takes energy. You have to dedicate your time to doing certain activities with your partner to build that foundation, and Crated With Love is helping my husband and I do just that with our newest date night box!

CHALLENGE 1: What Is Our Foundation?

For the very first challenge Crated With Love asked us an “ice breaker” question. What is our foundation? For this challenge Crated With Love provided us with a card to fill in. On this card was a pyramid of ten squares, each square required Joe and I to fill it in with a specific word that describes either us as an individual or us as a whole. Personality trait, Physical trait, or Relationship trait we had to pick one word that best described the other and our relationship. In the top square of the card we had to create our relationship pet name and fill it in, Joe chose what it would be and he decided on JoJe.


CHALLENGE 2: Don’t Crack The Egg

This challenge brought out the competitive side in both of us. Don’t Crack The Egg isn’t just a cute name they gave this challenge we literally had to make sure we didn’t crack the egg. For this challenge, Crated With Love sent us straws, washi tape, a golden egg, and twine so that we could build a contraption to protect eggs from a fall. Joe, being more street smart and better at strategy, I thought he had it in the bag. This challenge not only brought out the competitive side in us but it brought out some of the emotional, ugly side of me.


Once our contraptions were built we were supposed to throw the other’s contraption as high in the air as we could, but Joe being Joe decided to climb on our roof and drop them from an equal height. First, we had his lovely contraption. He had previously done a challenge similar to this in High School so had a pretty good idea on what he was doing, but that experience didn’t help him here. He built his contraption to be light weight but still protect the egg. Because it was light weight the wind caught it and made it land on the side with less protection, therefore the egg broke, first drop.

Next, we had my pyramid of straws wrapped in twine. Never doing this challenge in my life I asked my best friend for advice days prior to our date night since I couldn’t use YouTube. For some reason I could not get my washi tape to stick well so I began to get irritated and almost gave up. Once I had cooled down I started from scratch, still struggling to get the tape to stick I wrapped my pyramid in twine. Instead of a pyramid my contraption looked like a ball of twine with straws randomly sticking out. First drop, Joe dropped my contraption and it landed upright and didn’t seem to crack. We shook it to make sure that it was still in tact.

Being that I had already won we decided to see if my egg would break so we dropped it again, but this time Joe threw it from our roof over my head as I was taking pictures. This time it landed on its side and sounded like the egg hit the ground. Still not seeing any yolk, because of all the twine I used, I shook it and out flew the yolk.

Crated With Love had us do this challenge to show us that our relationship is much like the contraptions we built for our eggs. We have been given the supplies to build a strong, safe relationship but if we don’t put time and effort into it and just give up when things get hard our foundation won’t be strong and will eventually fall apart like my first attempt at building a contraption.

CHALLENGE 3 & 4: Couples Goal Setting & Future Letters

Challenges 3 and 4 go hand and hand with each other. For Challenge 3 we had to create mind, body, and relationship goals for us to achieve and help each other achieve throughout this year. Physically writing down goals is a great way for you to be held accountable and for your partner to hold you accountable, so that is exactly what Crated With Love had us do.


They provided us with a card and magnets to stick our goals on our fridge so that we can keep track of them! Creating a strong relationship doesn’t always mean you have to work on your relationship with your partner, it also means that you have to work on yourself and Crated With Love recognizes that.

Setting goals can be rough when you are doing it alone, that is why Crated With Love gave us Challenge 4! Challenge 4 required us to write an encouraging letter for each other to read 6 months down the road and a congratulatory letter for us to read at the end of our 12 months! There is no better way to support your partner and grow your relationship than words of affirmation and encouragement when they need it.



Joe and I absolutely LOVE Crated With Love, it is honestly the best thing ever! We have little to no time to plan dates and with the help of Crated With Love all we have to do is set aside time for our date night. We always feel refreshed after having a date night because we take time to slow down and appreciate one another as well as learn more and more about each other. Crated With Love, makes us sit down and think about our relationship as well as helps us work on our marriage where it needs a little help.

ABOUT Crated With Love

The creators of Crated With Love understand how hard it can be to make time for your relationship. Work, children, and life in general often get in the way of that much needed date night. Crated With Love is a date night subscription box that allows couples to save time, money, and stress while creating a moment each month to add some romance into their lives. Crated With Love members, also referred to as Craters,  can either sign up for a month-to-month, three-month, six-month, or year subscription which automatically renews or they have the opportunity to choose a past theme as a one-time option. Crated With Love’s base, month-to-month subscription is just $19.99 per month and includes free shipping!

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