Human Trafficking Awareness: Get The Facts

Human Trafficking has been swept under the rug for so long. When mentioned the subject is quickly dismissed and a new subject takes the floor. I have even lost followers on social media for speaking out on this touchy subject. If kept in the dark it will become worlds largest crime committed because as of right now it is the third largest. If kept in the dark women and men of all ages will be put at risk. Human trafficking isn’t just in third world countries. It is here in America. In fact, there have been human trafficking rings busted in my own town and I don’t live in a big city like Dallas or Houston.

Human trafficking is not only forced labor. In fact over 80% percent is sexual exploitation and only 19% is forced labor. 80% of those trafficked are females, that means that 20% are male. When we think of sex trafficking our minds typically think that it is only women who are affected but in reality so many men are. Out of the 30+ million people who are being sold into slavery over 50% of them are minors or children. The average age a person enters into the sex trade is 11 years old.

According to RescueHer.org the average victim trapped in the sex trade is forced to have sex 20 times within a 24 hour time period. These women and men, adults and children, are made to feel worthless. They are practically brainwashed into thinking this is the only way to make it in this cruel world.

This world is so quick to sexualize every little thing that we don’t realize the affect it is having on our young ones. Students are soliciting themselves for sex so that they can pay school bills because it’s easy. Families are becoming broke because one parent has fallen into lust.

I refuse to accept the fact that men and women are born rapists and abusers. This world is teaching them that it is okay to treat lovers as if they are dirt. Porn fuels and encourages prostitution because when porn can no longer fulfill your ‘needs’ you will go looking for more. The sex trade delivers two main things, Porn and Prostitution. This is one of the many reasons that I detest porn. You will never know if the porn was illegally made or if both parties were willing. Even if both were willing how do you know if one of them wasn’t beat and bruised until they were? Pornography is not only just a product of sex trafficking, it is also a way that they train those who are trafficked.

“In my mind, pornography is a lot more harmful than even prostitution, because you take a picture or video of someone, they are forever exploited at the age and time that they are, so you can take a girl off the streets, and the exploitation stops, but their photos and videos are out there forever.”~Trafficking survivor, Jessica Richardson


Only 1% of those trafficked are ever rescued, and those who are born into the ring grow up being taught that it is normal to abuse and and be abused. You can be the change. There are resources galore for you to keep you updated on statistics. If you live in a larger city there is most likely an anti trafficking group somewhere! I know in Dallas, Texas you can partner with Rescue Her. While I was at school at CFNI I had the opportunity to go on one of their motel outreaches with them and it opened my eyes even more to this growing problem.

If you can’t physically go out places and be a part of change find organization that helps by donating a portion of their proceeds to stopping Human Trafficking! If you are a mother a great brand to check out is , Free To Be Threads! Free To Be Threads is passionate about ending human trafficking one purchase at time.

If you don’t have the funds to purchase something there are other options as well. With the A21 Campaign you can write a letter to girls who have been rescued or gotten away from being sold and traded. (CLICK HERE for more information on writing a letter to these women!) The A21 Campaign also has a list of ways you can help the cause! (CLICK HERE to check out the list!)

One way that I have decided to help the cause is for the whole month of January I will be sharing 1 fact about Human Trafficking all over social media each day with the hashtag #DangerousFreedomOverPeacefulSlavery. If you are on social media I encourage you to join the cause by sharing statistics, facts, or even my posts that I will be sharing for the month of January, so that we can make people aware of what is going on!